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I'd first like to start off by stating that I have very in depth knowledge of this company as well as its operations. The information disclosed in this complaint will be very thorough and will contain an honest and extremely accurate representation of how this company treats its employees. After experiencing a long period of employment at TEM, I will say that the company does promote an excellent opportunity. Although, the progression via this company to achieve ownership (the ability to own and operate your own office and market) is very difficult; nearly impossible .Starting out as an entry-level Directv representative, you are expected to be proficient in the sales aspects of this business within two weeks. You are told from the beginning in your first round interview that "if $400 dollars a week gets you excited, this is probably not the position for you and that most reps are making between 500-100 dollars" That statement is very misleading. Almost everyone in the office from Sales Reps to Assistant Managers are only making $375 dollars in base pay, a grand total of $320 after taxes. The reason for this is that the office/work environment is not conducive to success. Since I started there, only ONE person in that office was actually qualified to effectively train reps: OUT OF 15 PEOPLE IN THE OFFICE. On top of that, the general consensus of my former colleagues was that these trainers had a tendency to be extremely arrogant and self centered. The main reason why growth is not attainable is due to the fact that the owner and manager of this company are highly money driven and severely lack personal interest in their employees. They put on an act that portrays a vested personal interest, but in private conversation, they will flat out converse about not caring about that individual and that they only made those statements to build false hope and stimulate his/her future sales. The owner of the company is a successful man who has a great deal of experience in the cable industry. And though that may seem appealing to someone who is new to the program, you come to find out that he "used to be" a top producer and owner, but is no longer. This is mostly due to the fact that he is complacent and, again, has no real interest in his employees. To be quite honest, his only real interest is making money and staffing his stores. There are no added incentives for top producers and they are often treated poorly because you are touted with "a great sales ability" which in turn they use against you by making comments like: "we are looking for future managers, not the best sales people" That statement makes sense logically from a long term standpoint, but they make these statements directly toward certain individuals to bring them down. Furthermore, the reputation is so poor to the point that they fail to disclose their company name or affiliate SmartCircle International in any of their recruiting ads. And in terms of recruiting, that too is unfortunately another sad subject. Since their interviewing and filtering process is so sub-par, they constantly recruit individuals that are not qualified because of a desperate need to staff stores. This only extenuates the problem of a poor work environment because you will be surrounded by many underperforming, poorly trained employees who are there at no fault of their own. The company will purposefully tell employees they are being groomed to start running a market/office as a ploy to temporarily boost their sales! THIS IS JUST PLAIN UNETHICAL! I have personally seen many good people come through the door and leave because they were mistreated and underpaid. The key issue with the idea of advancement in the company is in the root of the promoting office: the owner. The owner of this company has several offices he has promoted out (or people he promoted to run an office). There is only 2 of 7 or 8 that are actually decently profitable. The other 6 and his own office are losing money rapidly because they were SET UP FOR FAILURE. His new owners are very underprepared and once he promotes them hes basically saying "okay, its time for you to run an office on your own, good luck." The idea of an opportunity from this company is literally a joke. I was to the point of running a market, but after analyzing the success rate of his other promotions, I realized that I was not in the position to lose that much money. The hours you work for this company are more than what they claim. You do not get paid for any extra time you are required to spend in the office, which by law is illegal, but the owner will spin it in a way to make it seem like its to your benefit. To be completely blunt, the owner is really just a con artist. He cons people into driving sales and then he disappears for half of the week to enjoy his cushy lifestyle. You turn in goals to him and he forgets about it the next day. He has ZERO interest in your success our goals because he is lazy and satisfied with his income enough to not care. The owner hires managers to do his job for him and underpays them terribly. He uses people in order to be profitable, yet he cant manage to have a profitable office because his recruiting and training is so dismal. Nearly everyone who works there or who has left has a terribly bad taste in their mouth from the treatment of this company. They have very little regard for your personal growth or success, so if you are even considering working for TEM, I would take this into VERY SERIOUS consideration or you will be one of their next victims.

Apr 12, 2014

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