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Telstra / Very COMPLICATED to deal with

1 Queensland, Australia Review updated:

We had just moved into our rental house in North Brisbane & I was trying to connect the home phoneline. I call Telstra and everything is going fine, the girl is asking the normal questions etc. I mention Im from New Zealand so she offers me an international calling package for $10. I agree to take this offer and I ask her, "how much will it cost to call New Zealand per minute?". She says, "Hold on I'll find out for you". She puts me on hold for 7 minutes and never comes BACK. Like wtf? So I ring back Telstra and some other female answers from a totally different Telstra call centre. I say,
"Hi, I was on the line with a Telstra operator trying to connect a new home phoneline & she put me on hold & never came back".

She goes:
Im thinking well are you gonna frickin help you idiot lol.Im like, WELL CAN YOU HELP ME I WAS TRYING TO CONNECT MY PHONE LINE AND GOT CUT OFF.
She thinks about it, & the rest of the convo went like this:
I tell her
can you spell it?
I spell it
I tell her
Can you spell it?
I spell it
I tell her
Can you spell it?
Trust me, my name or address are not exactly the most fanciest of names, their plain common english words.
I hung up.
Next day I try again. Let me remind you this is all just to connect my dam landline.
I get a female and shes really good, awesome communication skills. She offers me a cheaper international deal & states that I will only pay half the connection fee as I have a HEALTHCARE card. I tell her about all the hassle I had been through & she offers me one months credit on my first phone bill. I hang up happy as larry.
The bill comes in the mail and what do ya know.
NO CREDIT has been applied to my first phone bill
I call Telstra and they have never heard of discounts on connection fees from a HEALTHCARE CARD only PENSION CARDS. This is after the operator who told me this, had gone on for a good 2 minutes telling me about how great it is to get discounts on a HEALTHCARE CARD. I get the international package added to my account and she apologizes, and thats it.
I can promise you I will never ever recommend TELSTRA to anyone. They are slack & deceiving, and it took all of this drama just to connect a simple landline connection. I had originally wanted to connect with OPTUS but they dont cover my area =(.
DO NOT RECOMMEND TELSTRA, way too complicated!!!

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  • Ra
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    I can't agree more, and am glad someone out there (or a gang of Telstra haters) have the same level of angst that I have!!! For no reason they change my address (after 4 yrs living in the same place, they suddenly decided to change it??!!), causing me pain with heaps of phone calls and emails to try and resolve a SIMPLE address change for an error that THEY made in the first place was a vomitting experience. Now I've moved to a new place and AGAIN they've got my address wrong. To spice things up, they've thrown in heaps of unauthorized calls to 13xx numbers at weird times of the day like 3am or 4am or when i'm at work.. I have no idea what they are as they seem to have the fax/modem tune when I called the frigging number to find out what the h*ll it's all about.

    i hope Telstra collapses one day like Enron or Barclay's bank

  • Se
      20th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Agree - I too have had very poor customer service. They don't seem to care. I ignore all marketing from Telstra.

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