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My account was in arrears I then made a call to make an arrangement to pay it off. As always it took forever to get any response from Telkom advising if the arrangement was accepted, was told after numerous calls that it will take about 21 days for the case to be resolved. Them opening a case for me was of no use as I eventually paid up the outstanding balance. One of my device's got disconnected, and I wanted it to get activated as soon as possible I then called in to confirm if I can make a payment so that my number can work or will a debit order go off as per arrangement. I was told that I can make the payment into their account of which I did and to my surprise later on in the evening a debit order went off for the outstanding amount. My in arrears account was then paid for twice, I then called in a couple of times to arrange for a refund but I was told that my debit order payment had not reflected the only payment reflecting is the one I made to them directly. The matter was escalated by one of the consultants and was told I will receive some sort of communication when my payment clears and as usual nothing was said to me. I made numerous calls and then eventually I was told that my payment cleared and yet again I still had to fight to get my refund. It's almost a week now and I was told it will take 72 hours for the case to be resolved but nothing has happened. I called AGAIN today to follow up on the status of my refund, Hlengiwe Khumalo advised that she will refer back to the consultant who opened the case to investigate further, I asked if they will call and inform me about the status of my query, she then advised that they will revert back to me seeing that the day has not yet ended, it's now 21:30 nothing has reflected into my account I told her that I need the money ASAP, this is a matter of urgency, your prompt response will highly be appreciated in this regard and I expect my money to reflect by tomorrow.

  • Updated by Tums · May 19, 2017

    I called AGAIN today as per usual, I'm now told that the refund will be actioned by Monday wooow, one surprise after the other, their call centre agents are very rude, cheeky, they actually don't care about their clients, the only thing they know best is to "ESCALATE", just a suggestion that they should all be taken back to training, and be briefed more on Customer service, the telephone etiquette and the behaviour they should carry out when in contact with the clients.. So Ja I will wait another week or a month for the refund to be processed accordingly... thank you so much for your inconvenience and incompetence.

May 18, 2017

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