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Telesystems Electronics Inc / Damaged my set, lied about symptoms

1 318 S.E. Everett Mall Way Suite 101Everett, WA, United States Review updated:
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They picked up my set, took it to the shop, witnessed it making the popping sound it was making in my living room called me and left a message on my phone "stating for the record it made a pop sound". Then they returned it to me saying it was fixed. It was not, the set continued to pop, the mfg (under mfg warr) sent them back out to my place to pick up the set. They took it back, would not return my call after a week, finally I contacted the owner who assured me service, stated the set was functioning normally. Said they would evaluate another week, they had the set for 3 weeks because they could not return it because they were busy then the truck broke down, stated on the receipt when they did return it that it "never made a popping sound". (see above) So they conflicted themselves. On top of this they damaged the screen with a 3/8" slash and denied it flat out. The owner stated in a recording on my message machine that EVERY technician saw the damage before they picked it up. Gee really, never noted it on the pick-up receipt though. Odd huh? Or mentioned it me until I discovered it. I trusted them, It never occurred to meticulously look over the set, besides they turned it on immediately and it's hard to see the damage initially until the set it off.

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  • Bl
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    i had a problem with the exact some company here in everett, wa. our rear projection tv was off on the picture and had shadowing problems so they came out and were supposed to be here on tuesday june 3rd between the hours of 2-4p.m and of course the technician didn't end up calling until 3:45pm to tell me that he was just now on his way and didn't get to my house until 4:20 pm. he was here for 30 mins looking at the tv took the parts he needed and left. they said the repairs and labor would cost around $500 total for both parts and labor and said the tv would be ready to go by friday or saturday of the same week. so on saturday we get a call telling us that they are going to drop off the tv within a two hour time frame that my parents set up with them and during that time they called and said that two of their trucks had broken down and that they would have to reschedule for monday which my mother agreed to between the hours of 3-5pm. monday comes and i am waiting at my house between 3-5pm and get a phone call around 4:45pm telling me that they never got an ok to drop off the tv today and they needed to reschedule for tuesday. the guy told me he tried leaving a message on my cell phone and home phone on the previous saturday. So i was upset about the fact that i had to waste more time waiting for the tv company to show up but hey what are you gonna do? so on tuesday they are supposed to be here between 10am-12pm and i wait for them the entire time and don't end up getting a phone call until 12:45pm telling me that the technician is just now on his way from everett, which i live in edmonds, and he didn't end up getting here until 1:20pm, go figure. the technician was here for maybe 15mins before having the tv together and him leaving. the thing that frustrates me so much about this company is the lack of customer service... in fact there wasn't any customer service. on three separate times i was waiting for 2 and a half hours of more, and didn't get a phone call until after they were supposed to be here. another thing is that on monday when they were supposed to show up, the cust. service rep told me that on saturday he called a left a message on my cell and home phones which is a complete lie because i didn't get a message or voicemail on either or even a missed call from any non-family/non-friend numbers. he went on to say that he left a message on my voicemail that was a computerized voicemail which i don't have. i have a personal voice message on my phone and when i heard this i knew he was lying about the entire thing. like mike, the company also told me they had van problems but still didn't call me to inform me, the manager of the store hung up the phone on me when i made a complaint and the so called cust. service rep would talk over me while i was trying to talk. they said they had 4 hours of work into our tv which might be true if they didn't order all new parts which they did. 4 hours of work at $71.25 an hour comes out to $285, but what about the time i spent here waiting for them to show up maybe? i spent well over 6 hours waiting for them to show when i could be doing other things such as work! because the company wants someone to be there when they show up, i had to miss work and my parents had to leave work early. in all, i'm not happy with this company at all and wouldn't recommend them to anyone because of the extremely high pricing, wait times, lack of communication and customer service, and pretty much them just wanting your money! so i hope you will all read this and not go to TELESYSTEMS ELECTRONICS in everett, wa. because they operate their business horribly and most importantly they wanted to offer me for my grievance with them a surge protector that they claim to be worth $45 when i see similar ones at best buy or circuit city for $9.95 lol, everything this company has told me has been false. i'm sure that they didn't spend 4 hours working on my tv or have problems with their vans or anything considering when i looked at one it looked pretty much brand new. so do not give your money to TELESYSTEMS ELECTRONICS because that is all they want from you, if you have any question give me an email MUSTANG68FBK@yAHOO.COM Thanks - Blair

  • Mi
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    TV repair takes too long

    11:33 PM PDT on Monday, June 16, 2008

    By JESSE JONES / KING 5 News

    Wick Newell of Mill Creek is tired of watching a small television in his bedroom. He blames Telesystems Electronics of Everett.

    Wick paid them $600 to fix his 50-inch Optoma TV. Five months later, all he has in return is an empty wallet and a sore neck from watching that tiny TV.

    "They haven't said we're sorry, we'll have it there today, we'll have it there tomorrow. It's the same excuses all the time, " he said.

    So he called us.

    I talked to the folks who have Wick's set.

    "You have to understand the circumstances and in the repair business sometimes we just can't get parts, " said Josh Herrera, who works for Telesystems Electronics.

    He said the business doesn't have an account to get parts from the maker of Wick's set.

    But he did make a promise.

    "Tell Mr. Newell to call me tomorrow morning and we'll find out how to get a loaner TV to him by this weekend, " he said.

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    That never happened, but the company did return the broken TV and gave Wick his money back.

    Then we talked to the people at Optoma, and for the $400 it would have cost to repair Wick's old TV, the company delivered Wick a new, 50-inch TV.

    "There's no words. I can't tell you how much I thank you about this, " said Wick.

    I spoke with Optoma, who told me all Telesystems has to do was give them a credit card and they would have sent them a part.

    If you have a consumer concern, call Jesse Jones toll-free at 866-51-JESSE or e-mail him at

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  • Se
      5th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    C'Mon give these a break everyone wants their tv fixed before the holidays and sometimes they can't please everyone. Anyways i called in on 11-23-08 and described the symptom my tv was having and they helped me out that same day. They came to my house and gave me a detailed estimate which was around $450 and ended up taking the insides of my projection tv and i asked them if i could have it before Thanksgiving and he told he would see what he could do. That Wednesday he called me up and said it was all fixed and ready to be delivered, so they came that day and on time and finished my tv. I would recommend this company to anyone who has problems with their Tv's.

  • Jm
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    This company is the worst. It should have been a red flag that the owner can’t even speak English very well, or the fact that there are a lot of televisions on the floor of their shop when you walk in the front doors. Or the fact that we had to pay about $800.00 up front for service. No none of this was a red flag because the guy seemed really nice and genuine when he came out to look at our tv. He told us that we would have it back in 2 weeks. Two weeks later we called him and he said the middle of the following week. This when on for about 2 months then he just stopped returning our calls. As of right now that was 4 months ago and we still don’t know when we will get the tv back. He has never called to tell us anything. He never returns our calls, yells at us and calls us liars when he does talk to us right before hanging up on us. I don’t understand how he can still be in business and listed as an accreted business with the better business bureau. I am actually rooting for this company to go out of business.

    This company sucks and I would not recommend it to ANYONE.

    I have seen a couple of different nice comments about them. They probably got their employees to write in and fill out a good comment.

    It is not about getting a tv back before the holidays. It is about customer service which does not include yelling at your customers and hanging up on them.

    So, basically this guy seahawks gave his tv to them after me and got his fixed first. Something is wrong with that.

  • Dl
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    Telesystems Electronics, INC. - Extremely poor customer Service
    Telecommunications, INC.
    318 Everett Mall Way, #101
    United States
    Phone: 425.348.4945

    Beware of using this business for any repairs!!! I used this business because Magnavox/Phillips recommended them. They picked up my television on 1/29/2009 for repairs that were to take 1-1/2 weeks. Here it is 3/21/2009 and I do not have the television. I have called them numerous times and it seems they never are there during business hours as a message machine comes on...They do not return calls and the times I have talked to someone, they never know whats going on and will pass the message on to the owner Edwin Herrera. Mr. Herrera has called me only 2 times in this time frame and I get the run around about the status of my TV-nothing but excuses. They require payment before they will work on your electronics so it feels like your at their mercy. My last call was 3/18/09 and I left a message but here it is 3/21/09 and no return call from them. I am now at the point of trying to get information using other means. I am going to file a complaint with State's Attorney General, Better Business bureau, Magnavox/Phillips, my bank, and on-line. THIS BUSINESS IS TERRIBLE and it seems all they want is your money and they lie to you when you do get through to them. I recommed any one else to file complaints as well who are dissatisfied with them. At this point, I do not trust this business. I may also file a police report as I do not have my $2000.00 TV.

  • Dl
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had a similiar expierence with this company except I still do not have my television back and its been nearly 2 months!!! They don't return calls, and when you do get ahold of someone, you get lame excuses and the run around. Please do not use this company for repair work-see complaints on line and at Better Business Bureau before you decide to use them. They are NUMEROUS. I am currently in process of reporting the terrible business practices and customer service at Telesystems Electronics, INC. of Everett, WA., Edwin Herrera, owner to several entities and hope to get resolution on my TV. I don't trust this company at this point and don't know what condition my TV will be in if I get it back.

  • An
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree with the negative comments. They've had our tv since 1/19/09 and it's 4/4/09. We paid $705.81 for them to fix the color wheel assembly but lo and behold what needs to be replaced is the "engine" which costs $800.00. They found this out about 3-4 after they had the tv. They are still working on seeing if Mistusbishi will cover the part. Don't you think they should have known within a few days of having the t.v. that this is what it needed? Now apparently Edwin is out of town on a medical emergency which i'm not doubting but this is totally ridiculous. They are the very worst. I wish I had done my homework prior to calling them.

  • Am
      10th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have the same problem, we were suppose to have our TV repaired within 4-5 days and it has already been 6 weeks and we still don't have our TV back. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they haven't even responded to them! As far as Edwin being out of town on a Medical Emergency I just got a message fromhim 7 days ago, although he left no information of value on my voicemail and when I called back immediatley he wouldn't pick up. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!! If you did, file a complaint with the BBB if you are having issues.

  • Er
      4th of May, 2009
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    Telesystems Electronics Inc - Scam charges
    Telesystems Electronics Inc
    United States

    Edwin Herrera, the owner of Telesystems, came to our house on 1/19/09 to look at our 62" Mitsubishi DLP because it would not turn on. He evaluated the problem at that time to be the power ballast and color wheel assembly and to have a "power service" whatever that is. He said it would be $705.81 which had to be paid UP FRONT before repairs could be made. We paid him $200 that day and arranged to pay the remaining amount over the next few weeks. We paid $200 on 1/23/09 and the remaining on 2/20/09. Okay so it took us a month to come up with the rest of the money but I didn't just have that kind of money lying around! they had already started their "repairs" though prior to getting the full amount owed. Then came the call that said something like "guess what it looks like there is more involved in the fixing of your t.v. Seems you need to have the something engine replaced and that's about $800." they asked us where we purchased the t.v. and asked if we had a warranty on it. We didn't. At that point we had had the t.v for 3 years. They said they would contact Mitsubishi to determine if the part was under warranty. after what seemed like an eternity, i got a call the week of 3/23 saying "good news, the part is going to be paid for we just need to finish something (I couldn't understand) and then we can get the part ordered. I should know by the end of the week where we are". I never heard anything at all until I decided to call them on Wednesday 4/1/09 and asked to get a status of what was going on. They said they would have Edwin call me. I never heard. I called again on Friday 4/3/09 and spoke to some guy who actually wasn't a major jerk. He told us something was faxed to Mitsubishi last Friday (3/27) and that's all he knew. he said he would leave a message for Josh to contact Edwin because Edwin was out of town on a medial emergency. that's where we sit. a few more weeks and they will have had the t.v. for 3 months. Some guy complained they had his tv for going on 5 months and still no t.v. or word on when it is going to be fixed. so consumer BEWARE! 1) You have to pay up front; 2) they aren't the best at calling back; 3) their contract seems to have all areas covered. Even if you want to seek legal action it says YOU agree to pay the attorney fees; 4) go to their shop and see all the tv's sitting around. I've even seen one sitting OUTSIDE!!! Stay away from this company.

  • Ke
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    anyone that would write anything good about this company is an employee, They have had my TV since 8/2/09 its 8/30/ today with no TV repair in sight ...OH I'm sure my 654.00 is long gone also ...

  • Te
      30th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company is a scam. Big delivery or service. Nice owner, but they cannot service or fix a simple problem. They want all money upfront, commit to one week repair time, 3 months later, still no tv. So I have written off my TV and the payment and bought a new unit. They give the same excuse each time i call like reading from a script: "we are still troubleshooting or we will call you tomorrow or we are waiting for a part"

    Do yourself a favor, if you tv is broke, pay $15 bucks and take it to the dump and go to best buy and get a new one. If you go to Telesystems all you get a bill and excuses, but no service or repaired unit.

    **********************************BE AFRAID OF TELESYSTEMS************************

  • No
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree. They are the worst. They have my TV and my money. I complained to Mitsubishi because they recommended them and they couldn't get Edwin to do anything. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THEM!

    Call your credit card company NOW and put in a claim.

  • Br
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    These guys are evil...

    BBB has given then an *F*
    other places of complaints:

    Avoid these guys at any cost...

  • Gi
      15th of Dec, 2011
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    Telesystems Electronics Inc - I feel I am getting a run around and getting ripped off
    Telesystems Electronics Inc
    United States

    They advertised that they could fix your TV in your home. I called, gave them all the specifics of the TV and what was wrong. I was told the tech would show up between 10-12 got a call at 11:55 said he was on his way. He showed up at 1 PM Ran some tests on the TV, told me he had to take it into the shop to repair it. Couldn't accept credit or debit so I had to go to the bank get cash, drop it off at the shop. I was told I would have a loaner at 3pm. When I got to the shop the clerk told me that they didn't have a loaner but he was going to Matysville and pick one up and I would have it at 5. 5:30 no TV. called the owner and he said he was stuck in Seattle and couldn't get the loaner to me, but he could get one to me Monday AM. He also said he would rush the repair. Monday AM no TV. Thursday I called and he was just starting on it. Said he would call me and give me an update. No call Thursday. I called Friday morning and was told my TV was not worth repairing. I wanted to talk to the tech, but he was on the phone. He was going to call me back within the 1/2 hour. Hour later no call. Now I just want the TV back and my money back. I feel I am getting a run around and getting ripped off.

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