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So let's see... I pay $560 for my 20 preset appointments and I'm ready to go. I get my first 5 and I'm out the door. At my first stop I find 2 cars in the driveway but no one wants to answer the door. So I get in my car and call from my cell and no answer. Ok... so they got cold feet I tell myself. I go to my next stop and after knocking on the front and back door a woman finally answers and tells me 'I'm very happy with my Medicare coverage. I never would have agreed to an appointment.' She was not afraid to talk to me and did not change her mind. She never set the appointment. After calling T21 and speaking to my rep I was told this is very unusual and she would talk to 'upper management' and have a form sent to me to fill out and send back. (a few days later and I'm still waiting for the form)

I get to stop number 3 and a man answers the door and says 'I told the girl I did not want to meet with anyone'. I apologized and moved on to stop number 4. Same message...' I did not set any appointment with anyone'. Next apology and moved onto number 5. It was way to early and no one was home. Called 3 times during the afternoon and got no answer and no one returned my call.

Day 2 has me go to an address that did not exist. I happened to check each appointment with a reverse number look up and this first stop had a different address. So I go to the address I found for stop number 1 and it leads me into the woods on washed out roads and no such address. Move on to stop number 2 and knock on door with car in driveway. No answer so I call from the car and a man answers and tells me 'I told her I have Connpace and Medicare and I am fine. I told her I had a doctor's appointment and would not be here (I was an hour early so he had not left yet for the doctor)

Now I'm starting to get it. It's a ruse. A scam..anything you want to call it. I go to stop number 3 very early now and she tells me 'I told them I was working in the afternoon and was not interested.' So after 8 stops I do not find one legit appointment. Um... yeah... sure... ok. That was all I could take. It's pretty easy to see their game. They will keep giving you replacements until you get sick of them and go away. Guess what T21... I ain't going away. I call my rep and she gives me the same song and dance about upper management.

I have had enough. They are going to wish I never found their site. Every agency in this country will hear from me. The CMS, who monitors Medicare is going to find it interesting that people are being sent to seniors homes unwelcome. My credit card company will be involved. It will be my cause. I was fortunate enough to use Amex with another fraud company and got my money back after a fight. I used another credit card with this one. They better have the same policies. I will contact the customers who said no to these appointments and I have no doubt they will speak to whoever is interested.

As far as these clowns on here blowing smoke about how great they are. Anyone who believes their crap is dumber than I am for buying this bull. They are just friends of the owner who live in a scam game world.

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