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Dear Smart Consumers in Malaysia,

Who say Telekom Malaysia staffs never do their jobs? Please read the excuses below that provided by their creative staffs - since I applied for a phone line in July 2008 after informed by Telekom that the phone services is ready at my area (Sri Utara, KL) and instructed me to make full initial payment and deposit:

Creative Excuses by Telekom Malaysia:
1. Address given was wrong - I have verified this at Telekom Kepong Branch personally, confirm the address has been corrected few months ago.
2. No cable – Telekom staff has installed the cable in Sept 2008, tested the connectivity between my house to the exchange and it’s working fine.
3. No network services - I have verified this with one of the Technician from Telekom, the phone services is available 2 weeks after Telekom installed the cable in Sept 2008.
4. System down – I heard this excuse since October 2008. Do you believe their system down for months?
5. Suspect the house renovation has caused cable faulty – This is the latest excuses I received. It seems Telekom is running out of idea.

I visited Telekom Branch at Kepong for more than 3 times to find out why and try to resolve the problem (now has turned into issue). I also called up Telekom and explained the above to them for more than 6 times and emailed them for more than 6 times. They will always give me the same excuses and ask me to call back again next week. Thanks to their dedicated staff, which I believe you are familiar with some of the names (i.e. Hamidah, Mahsuri, Haris, Rani, Yanti, Ramachandram, Veeramogan and Siti Asiah). They are from various divisions namely Customer Service, Customer Complaint, Technical Services, Marketing and Senior Management but I do believe some of them are doing good job.
Anyway, this issue did not resolve even I threaten to post this incident to Blog and file complaints to CAP, NCCC and BPA. The email that I sent to is [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] I don’t think so they care about it despite numerous gentle reminders sent to them.

However I do believe their CEO Yg Bhg Dato’ Wahid Omar wanted to bring up the image of Telekom Malaysia image. Below is a blog that extracted from

Hi-Tea Talk by CEO of Telekom Malaysia, Dato' Wahid Omar at BATC
Posted: 03/07/2006 6:01:00 AM
Rebranding of Telekom Malaysia has been one of the strategies done by Dato' Wahid Omar, the CEO of Telekom Malaysia, in a way of improving the company. How has the strategy improve TM? Dato' Wahid had shared the answer about his exceptional leadership and management qualities, and certainly one of Malaysian's pride at BATC Tea talk last Tuesday (4th July 2006).

I have informed Telekom Malaysia I will post this to various blog today, 12-Dec-2008 at 3pm sharp if they cannot resolve the issue. The next action I'm going to take is to write to CAP, NCCC and BPA on the same day (12-Dec-2008) by 4pm sharp.

Now is 4:02pm (GMT+08:00), 12-Dec-2008, I still did not receive email replies from Telekom Malaysia. With the help of CAP, NCCC and BPA, I hope Telekom Malaysia will stop practicing the “TIDAK APE ATTITUTE”.

I will keep all of you posted on the latest updates next week.


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  • Sy
      10th of Nov, 2009

    yes. i really agree with what you have say. their staff does not really do their job. i have cal them since last 2 weeks for applying a new line at my house. everyday i call and ask about my status. i did not get any answer. but they kept asking me back the same question; ask for my full name, i.c no, my neighbor house no, and my address. until now i still did not get my line done. its really frustrated with their services.

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  • Ne
      18th of Jun, 2010

    Send your complaint /feedback to :-

    Suruhanjaya Koumunikasi & Multimedia M'sia
    [protected] and [protected]

    CC :- [protected]

    Within 1 day, Telekom Personnel will come and fix your problem regarding Streamyx. Thank you

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  • Ha
      20th of Nov, 2010

    I am using streamyx combo, on 28th October 2010 registered for Malacca Broadband, every time I call Kedai Telekom Gajah Berang Melaka, they said in progress, last call on 19 Nov, they sad that I have to wait for another month.
    I think this is really crazy, just to upgrade its takes more than a month, is it a good business ethic ???

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  • Su
      4th of Apr, 2011

    I also facing few cases for my telephone line and streamyx. I aaply a new telephoe line and treamyx on october. They come to install the phone line for me after few weeks. I happy with it but they never install my streamyx. I keep on callling, go to telekom office at Taipan. They just tell me they willl arrange for me. After 3 months waiting for my streamyx, I ask my friend who is a dealer for streamy. He help me to check and finally he notice that my phone line is connected to alarm system so can't install streamyx and I need to apply another line.

    My friend keep on guessing and and finally find out my proble. The telekom staff sould let me know about this, how we know that telephone line can't use for alarm system and streamyx. We keep on complaining but they never check for me and never reply me although the siad will call me back later. I am so angry with their service.

    After sattle this problem, another problem come back to me. Last 2 weeks they suddenly cut my telephone line. I never request to cancle my telephone line and I always pay my bill. I went to telekom at Taipan again. Wait there for 2 hours without sattle my problem. They told me their server down. Can't reconnet for me and will reconnect for me in the afternoon or the next day. Ok, fine I wait for it. But after feel day they still didn't do their job so I call again. The said need to wait for another 3-4 day for them to reconet. I wait again. After 1 week they still didn't do their job. I call again, ok this time they said wil ask their contractor to connect for me today. I am need to go to work and my brother too. There is no people at home how can you so suddenly said want to come today. I postpone it to next Tuesday since that day my brother is on leave. I am so not happy with the staff who call me to fix appiontment. She was so rude to me. I want to postpone the time till next week also she not happy. I am the one should angry. Simply cut my phone line and create so many problem for me. Hopefully next week they will keep their promise.

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  • Pe
      16th of Sep, 2011

    I totally agree with the 'tidak apa attitude' of Telekom personnel. Telekoms have fixed a pay phone on the wall fronting my bussiness permises. Despite several calls to their contractor to whom i was directed, they have not removed the phone. The five foot way is always left in a mess by users of the phone. They leave behind soft drink/ beer bottles, cigarette butts and even beetle nut spit stains around the area. The contractor regularly collects the coins but not bortherd to clean the area. The management coperation also do not care. It is left to us to do the daily cleaning of the five foot walkway. Telekoms make the money and leaves us to do the cleaning. Could anybody help to connect us to the appropriate person to resolve this issue.

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  • Ca
      4th of May, 2014

    I am a personal applicant the streamyx package.i wish to highlight to u regarding various problems happening my house internet service for a month since 4/4/14 until now, I m truly frustrated and disappointed with TM such lousy service. Below complain no: 4/4/14 1-8355105900 answered phone by Fikri, 16/4/14 1-843134048 suriati, 1-858866944, 1-8477440519, 1-8506363151, check by the technicIan Nasir phone no 01123047988 thrice oso not sufficient, pls gv me a good reports and reply my email ASAP.
    Regards frm phone owner 072320092

    Since the reply to us will solve the problem withins 24 hours just a lie, even the person incharge dare not to give me a satisfie report and rebate for the bill payment for a month. Regards Carrin
    4/5/14 11.38pm

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  • Wa
      2nd of Jun, 2014

    It's quite amazing how bad Telekom Malaysia is. It's like they are trying to be the best at being the worst! Try calling the customer care line - if you get through, they usually drop the call on connection to bring down their average call times (common call centre performance measure). And if one honest call centre agent answers, they are so scripted they have no clue what to do with anything slightly odd. And forget the web-site - it's like a child has developed it. Maybe a 5 year old. We recently had our phone cut off again for no apparent reason. No outstanding bill (in fact we had overpaid previously and were in credit). And we have a large deposit. Common sense not so common, eh... If only there was serious competition in Malaysia, TM would be out of business. Make hay whilst the sun shines TM - one day the regulator will actually open the market up properly instead of protecting a 'national asset'.

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  • Na
      12th of Nov, 2018
    Telekom Malaysia - Unifi
    TM Tower

    Appreciated the well service provided by TM. Constant 600 ping, 90 KB/S, the best latency. What else could you ask for more when you paid RM300+ for the most expensive plan by TM. Good job! Nice. Well done.

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