Telecominication / Unlawfully deducted money

1 National, South Africa

Cellc have blacklisted me at ITC end of June 2014 after I have time and again send proof of payment that I have done on the 18Th of January 2014, I have been at their Tygervalei walk in customer care more than 5 times this past month with the proof of pay met again but up to now they have not cleared my name.

Cell c have also deducted money unlawfully (meaning by where I haven't gave any form of authorisation by signing or by verbal agreement) out of a new bank account last Thursday night and after countless calls haven't refunded me an more than a week have past sins then.

I am going to open a civil and criminal case against them in small claims and normal court an I am going to take them to all media, police etc with any means possible.

Aug 10, 2014

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