telechek system / can't talk to a human

1 TX, US

i had someone use my checks through the telechek system at a walmart in a different town 4 hours or more away. if it had been a normal check system the bank would have returned them as forged. i am told that they only ask for id every once in awhile before running them through, a police report has been filed for those written through this area. i can't talk to a person at the telechek place because it's all automated. they have reported me as writing bad checks when i didn't even write these checks.i want to make out an affidavite but know on knows who has jurisdiction since it was sent out like a ach the bank does not have a copy so they don't know what to do.if it had been a normal check we could have done something there. and i can't even talk to a human to beat all.


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