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I recently wrote a check from my business account at a Telecheck merchant. The cashier scanned the check, it was accepted, and I left the store with my merchandise. Within one week I was receiving hostile collections calls from Telecheck claiming that I had written a check on a closed account. The account number that they have in their records for my business is not my account number nor is it even a valid account number at my bank. I paid them the face value of the check but not the $25 return check fee because I documented that an electronic error had occurred. They submitted an account number to my bank that was completely different than the one on my check. I sent to their research department a copy of the original check, a copy of the erroneous account information received by my bank, a letter from my bank stating that my account has been open and in use for 23 years, a copy of my receipt from the store with the tracing number, a copy of their collection notice with their reference number on it and a letter explaining it all. Nearly a month later, I still can't write a check anywhere because they are holding all my accounts hostage because of the $25 fee. I have made many many calls to customer service and been transferred around in circles and faxed my dispute information to the numbers they give me multiple times all to no avail. There is no phone number for the research department and nobody who can verify if the information has been received and no resolution available except to pay the money that I have clearly documented that I don't owe. My problem with that is that it allows them to steal money from people who don't owe it at any time without cause or explanation. I would be interested to know what percentage of their income is actually stolen from people who pay up just because there is nothing else they can do to have their checking accounts released.

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  • Cd
      13th of Jun, 2008
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    I too have been an unknowing participant involving Telecheck's collection practices. No doubt, I did write a check to Wal-Mart that had NSF. However, the check cleared 1 day later. Besides having to pay the fee from my financial institution, everything seemed to be over with this check...Not even close. Three weeks (closer to a month) I am online banking when I find a deduction for telecheck that has posted. This unexpected action caused my bank account to be deliquent. Prompting yet another NSF fee from my financial institution. Telecheck made absolutely no attempt to contact me about this ckeck. When I called them to dispute the charge for them re-posting my check they said we don't have to contact you. When you wrote the check it was scanned and given back to you. Then you signed a small piece of paper saying that at any time we can withdrawal collection fees from your checking account without notification.

    Well, chalk that one up as a learning experience for me. We are always told to read what we sign, no matter how small the print. But if we ask ourselves how many of us look hard at policies on credit card slips, gas receipts, or even restaurant credit receipts. Of course we all should, but most of us don't.

    In summation, If you write any checks to Wal-Mart, or other Telecheck clients, ask for a copy of the legal agreement that is that small peice of paper your signing. I was not given one. To me this practice is under-handed and unethical at best.

    Thanks to Telecheck, I have paid out a total of 98.78 for what was a 22.78 check.

    Thanks Telecheck, that kind of practice will surely put food on the table for poor families.

  • Cv
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    I too have fallen victim to these unlawful practices. I do believe they have violated my rights by entering my checking account without any notification and cashed out four $24.00 service fees and used check numbers that were already paid upon resubmission of the origin NSF. They did this 6 days after the check was returned for NSF. I contacted them and the individual asked me if I had been handed a slip of paper from the vendor which I had not received. I thought that under my constitutional rights that this is a violation of due process law. They failed to notify me of this practice where they could enter my checking account and pretty much take out whatever they wanted.

    I went to my bank with the printouts from online banking and I explained the situation. I requested an investigation so as to return my fees. This situation ended up costing me $680.00 between all the NSF fees of 32.50 each from my bank. My checks ranged from $1.98 to $l0.99 at the most and has cost be $57.50 between the bank and telecheck all due to telechecks lack of notification. I am on disability and receive low income fixed income from social security only once a month. They have taken more than half of my disability check in one month. I hope to pursue this legally somehow. If anyone has information please post here.

  • Mi
      24th of Aug, 2010
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    Hello everyone, get back to me here... Mike I am, I wrote a check out for Walmart for 21.48, now they did not tell me at all and want to charge 236.00 and I am on disability they want me to go to check writing financial school from county prosecuting attourney's office, I need to defend my rights. Welcome your comments and suggestions and so disturbed to hear about your dismay as well!

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