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Called Tek Savvy March 31 to get a simple phone line installed, they told me they'd have it in a week. I thought that was a bit much since usually it's like 2 or 3 days but figured, give them a chance. There was a problem with the address because I live over a store and upstairs is classified as a different address than downstairs, it took them a week to find that out which is about a 5 minute call to Bell. Straightened that out, still being patient.

On April 13 I received a confirmation email that my phone would finally be installed on..April 12...and to be home for the installation. I called them and asked what they were smoking and they explained oops we meant April 16. I rush home after a morning appointment on that day to wait for them, no one shows, and the next day there is STILL no signal. I email them to cancel my non existent service and give me back my money, there is only so much a person is willing to take. They email me back a day later to say get this, they CALLED me to discuss it and I wasn't home. They called me on my non existent phone that they never installed and claim to have called on my cell which keeps records of incoming calls, there wasn't one from them.

It took another week of back and forth to get them to cancel the stupid account so I can go get a real phone from an actual company that would succeed at distinguishing a hole in the ground from their butt. They told me that to get a refund I would have to allow them to trouble shoot the line. I asked the tech fellow what do I need to do about that, he goes on about a demarcation point and that it wouldn't be my responsibility because it's an apartment and so I would not get a refund, basically he said nothing and gave no solution.

I had it cancelled with no refund because the company seems to specialize in wasting time and doing nothing. It's April 25th now, nearly an entire month I've had no phone service because of these unprofessional, incompetent, lollygagging scammers, and they now are trying to tell me I can't have a refund for service I paid for and never got. Easily the worst company I've ever dealt with.

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  • Ts
      25th of Apr, 2012

    Hi there,

    My name is Jonathan, I am the Social Media Manager for TekSavvy and I would really like if you could send me an email @ [protected] with your account's information. I would like to find out who the people you spoke to are. I want to investigate this and listen to the conversations you had with us for future references. Making sure that if your described experience happened that it does not happen again.

    Thank you.

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  • Da
      28th of May, 2012

    Don't bother contacting Jonathan - he won't do anything to help. These guys have exceptionally poor customer service.

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  • Da
      28th of May, 2012

    So I have to change my comment above. If you get someone to do a full review of the issue (which took a long time in my case as the issue was very long and detailed), they will do the right thing.

    They stick strongly with their "policies" until the right person gets involved. I guess that's pretty normal for a low-margin business, they have to make money somehow.

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  • Te
      28th of Jun, 2012

    No Service must equal Refund ! Teksavvy's policy states "A refund will only be given to accounts that cannot receive Service." If you can't provide the service you must issue a refund.

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  • Ma
      15th of Jan, 2013

    I have asked Teksavvy to let my phone number to be ported to my new Internet provider, Acanac. In spite of the fact that I was very clear about the date, Teksavvy allowed the number to be ported a week in advance of the date I've mentioned, thus they managed to keep me without the possibility to make phone calls in that week. Teksavvy, a ###ing embarrassing company! They did not reimburse me any money for the payment I've made in advance for their service on that month so I have paid for that week of service from Teksavvy without benefiting the service at all. I think this was Teksavvy's revenge for deciding to fire them as my telephone providers. Stay away from them all of you who read this message, you'll be better off! They are total idiots and of course completely unprofessional!

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