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Teeth Whitening sites / SCAM

1 United States


Would like to advise all that the tactics that the Total White site use to extract money also applies to the Teeth Whitening sites.

The process is exactly the same. Free Trial, only pay for shipping, they say the teeth whitening process works by using two different types of whiteners, they then deduct £59 per month for each product plus post and packaging. I only got this resolved from the Credit Card company when I became a nuisance to them ( phoning about 3 times a day for 1 week). The credit card company will not cancel the direct debit and will continue to deduct the money if it is requested from a third party you have to cancel the order. I couldn't get through by phone to the teeth whitening company (will list later) In the end I got my credit card company to phone them and then transfere call to me. It was only when the C/C company were happy that I had cancelled the order that they said they would stop any future payment.
Check your statements monthly even after you have cancelled, as i said the C/C Company will give money from your credit card to anyone that has confirmation that you authorized it.

Don't take for granted that it will stop, keep checking.

Sorry it's long winded but it really winds me up not only can you not just phone up the Credit Card Company and cancel any direct debits that you want, you them have to prove to them that the subscription has been cancelled.

I only ordered from Total White but during my dispute the following companies alternated taking the money from my credit card.

Teeth Whitening Companies DO NOT ORDER FROM.


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