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Teeth Whitener / False Advertising/Rebate

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Celebrity Sexy Teeth
I Bought this product off the internet for $49.99. They advertised that if you purchased a 30 day supply, that you would be refunded in a coupon for $50.00 for just trying this product. They said that I would receive a e-mail within 72 hrs for the coupon. They said If i didn't receive the e-mail within 72 hrs. that I should call [protected] for support. All you get is a recording. No Satisfaction.
What a scam...


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A  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I did the same thing only it said that they were only charging me the $4.99 shipping and handling fee. When I went on this one website it said if you click on the star that you would get it for free. Once you put in your credit card number it pops up and says it charged $54.98. Then it says you get a $50. mail in rebate. I too called the 800 number, it is a recording. I called the WellnessWatchersMD who supplies the rebate and I also went on their website. NOT only does this company scam you for the $50 they also continue to do so. You are automatically signed up to receive future shipments for $99. I canceled that...I hope. Also the Wellnesswatchers requires you to join their website too. They already took $1.83 out of my checking account. When I called and asked what the heck that was, she said it was shipping. I ALREADY PAID $4.99 for shipping. I went off. She is supposedly reimbursing me that, and canceling my subscription. I am sending in the rebate today, we will see if I actually received $50 back in the next 2-3 weeks as it says. BY THE WAY, I just tried the lip plump...haha yea right. It's clear lip gloss that taste like cinnamon. WOOPEE... I could've got that at Wal-mart for a couple bucks. DEFINITELY A SCAM!!!
D  10th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I also ordered and had to call looking for my rebate form. The product is a joke. I can't even get anything to come out on the applicator. What a joke !
N  10th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I also ordered this product. I had to call looking for the rebate form. Three weeks later when I finally get the rebate form it states you have to send in the original packing slip. I threw it away when I got the product cause nothing said to keep it. The product is a joke !!! You can't even get anything on the applicator and then if I do manage to get some out it looks like I have white out streaks on my teeth. Tell everyone not to order !!!
A  5th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I ordered the Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener for $49.99 with a $50 rebate for trying the product on February 4, 2009. The original invoice charged $54.98 which included the shipping charge of $4.99. Then on February 6, 2209 my account was charged $1.83 for shipping charges!
Then on 02/25/2009 PURCHASE WELWATCHMD866-327- 02/20 $29.95, my account was charged $29.95 for the "membership". I called them and canceled that and even asked for my money back. They sent me an email to process the rebate. I sent them everything except the packing slip which I threw away after I opened the package. Today I was charged $99.99 from Ionline .com which is the same as CELEBRITY SEXY TEETH. My bank says that I must send back any remaining product before they can demand Ionline give me back my money. OF COURSE I NEVER received the $50 rebate for "trying the product". This is a SCAM. Stay far away from WellWatchersMD.com, ANY CELEBRITY SEXY product (lip plumpers, teeth whitners, etc) and Dr. Kerry Friesen, MD.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Teeth Whitener - Debt Card Charge
United States

I recently ordered a tooth whitening product on-line. However, after purchase I noticed that the product came with charges that weren't immediately noticed so I decided to cancel the order. When I called to cancel I was told I could not cancel but would have to wait and return it once received in order to get a refund. I then received an email welcoming me to WellWatch MD as a member. I immeditely called to cancel this membership as I had not requested it to begin with. A couple of days later a charge of $2.99 showed up on my bank statement. When I called to find out what that was all about I was told it was a charge associated with my purchase and a $50 rebate I had asked for. I did not ask for a rebate nor did I ask to become a member of this company. When I pitched a fit over the charge I was told it would be reversed and my account credited. This supposedly will take four or five days. It is a small amount but I think this business should be shut down. Their practices are unethical to say the least. If this charge has not been reversed as promised I will pursue further action against this company.

N  9th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Teeth Whitener - Unauthorized product sent and charged
Natural Source Store
6565 Taft St. #204
United States
Phone: 1-954 237 2690

I sent for a free sample of the teeth whitening product from an ad of theirs and just had to pay postage. I charge the postage of 6.99 to my charge card. Three days late a charge of $79.99 appeared on my charge card bill. I had no time to even try the sample and was informed when I called the company that product had been shipped. I did not authorize shipment of it. Clerk said I could ship it back, but it has been 10 days, and no shippment has arrived. This if fraudulent business. A Scam. Don't purchase or request anything from them.
V. Church, Fort Worth, TX
A  30th of Apr, 2009 by 
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This is a problem that needs to be fixed... they can't be allowed to get away with stealing our hard earned money like this! I also did not recieve my rebate, just like everyone else!
N  10th of May, 2009 by 
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Teeth Whitener - refund
S. Miller
Chesterton 46304
United States

I was charged 99.99 for teeth whitener I did not order. I returned it on 4-18-09 delivery confirmation. I did get the phone number from my bank and called and was told I should have my full refund in a week.Well, it's 3 weeks now . Where is my money. If I don't recieve this I could be forced to speak with an attorney. Maybe I will anyway. SEND MY 99.99 ASAP
N  17th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Teeth Whitener - Scam
11701 E.53rd Ave, Unit A
United States

This Company is a big scam to steal money from you account. I have canceled online & received a confirmation and still they were able to take out money from my account. They leave no phone number or fax number as to where you can reach anyone... Please everyone be aware of this company... If you have ordered anything, cancel your account(s).
N  30th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Teeth Whitener - bait & switch
Dazzle White
New York
United States

This trial offer is a scam! They tell you on their web site that it's a free trial offer for $1.95 for shipping & handling. So I ordered it. Then they took an add-
ition $58.71 for the product out of my account without my authorization! So what is the free trial offer if I have to pay for the product?? They also signed me up for two other products that I did not order. One was called Insider Secrets to Wellness. I assume it's some type of magizine. I canceled that before they took money out of my account, but the second one that's called Comprehensive Weight Loss
kept half of the $7.14 they took because I didn't cancel it the day before! Beware of any of they on line products!! I still have not gotten my money back from Dazzle White, but I will!
N  30th of Aug, 2009 by 
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I totally agree with these complaint's. Some one need's to do something to stop these on line scam's from happening to the disabled and hard working people of this country!
A  30th of Aug, 2009 by 
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N  13th of Nov, 2009 by 
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Teeth Whitener - misrepresentation / credit card charges not aulthorized
Dazzle Smile
22100 East 26th Ave. # 100
United States
Phone: 866-847-7649

I tried their "free trial" for teeth whitening. So far it has cost me $ 185.46. Their advertising free trial time is misleading and confusing. I wrote a letter and called to cancel tshe product, ( which I didn't order). It was charged to my visa account. I was given a cancellation order number. I have returned the produlct, I didn't order. This was done Oct. 26th. Today Nov. 13, I received another shipment, which I didn't order, plus an additional charge to my credit card. Judging from the complaints on their website, I am not alone in my dissatisfaction. What need to happen before a scam like this is brought to the attention of consumer protection agencies:
D  14th of Nov, 2009 by 
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STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.. this person might be a very nice person but they sure are gullible and naive and DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY READ OR ARE TOLD OVER THE TELEPHONE.. FIRST, , , PEOPLE, , , Nothing Is Free in Life. Have you ever heard that before.. Now this is going to be a rude and very blunt post but I am only doing it to try and get through to people like this woman who will continue to order stuff from TV ADS, RADIO ADS, MAGAZINE ADS, CATALOGS, ETC. and from the INTERNET WEBSITES... WAKE UP IDIOTS... These company's are not scamming you... They are only guilty of taking advantage of your stupidity. NOTHING IS FREE... There is usually outrageous shipping and handling fees. On every ad I hear or read it says Free with paid shipping and handling. These shipping and handling fees are usually $25.00 to $50.00 for the smallest items, like a pair of pierced earrings, or a ring, or a tube or jar of something weighing 1 ounce and the costs goes up for the heavier or larger items. It only costs $2.10 to mail an item that they are charging $50.00 for because legally they can charge whatever they want for handling fees. One of the largest online auction company's finally put a stop to sellers who sold CDs and DVDs for one penny but charged $25.00 to $50.00 each shipping and handling. But it took them over 6 or 7 years before they stopped it because it was legal for the sellers to do it because the company did not have it in their policy that sellers could only charge so much. BUT it was in every seller's ad at the very bottom of the ad, where no buyer wants to read. It said the exact amount that would be added to each buyer's bill for shipping and handling. And these company's sued anyone not paying it. The company's were smart; the buyer's were idiots and stupid. YES idiots and stupid for not reading the ENTIRE AD. From top to bottom and paying attention to what it said. YOU CAN NOT ASSUME ANYTHING PEOPLE. These buyers assumed it would cost maybe a couple of dollars to mail out one CD or DVD because they are light weight... which is true for shipping costs only, , , but a seller can charge anything they want for HANDLING FEES. READ, PEOPLE READ AND GO OVER IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. AND HOW DID THIS COMPANY GET THIS WOMAN'S CREDIT CARD TYPE AND ACCOUNT NUMBER AND THE MAILING ADDRESS THE BILL IS SENT TO AND HER NAME AND HOME ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, ETC... BECAUSE SHE GAVE IT TO THEM... JUST FOR A TEST = I want everyone reading this to call up any local business (but not one who would recognize their voice) and ask the person who answers the phone this = can you please tell me my name, address, phone number and credit card type, number, expiration date and secret code on the back of my card . The Person who answered the phone will think you are a nut because they will not know any of this information UNTIL YOU GIVE IT TO THEM and they will hang up on you. That is what this woman did... She called this company because she was dumb enough to think she could get something for nothing... Again, , NOTHING IS FREE EVER... And the telemarketer sales person read everything to her off of a computer screen and acted really friendly, etc. That is their job. If they do not get you to buy something, they will get fired. No Company keeps telemarketers who do not make any sales very long; usually they are fired after taking 5 calls with no sale. And all of the News Shows on TV have done dozens of hour long shows telling the public NOT to order any of this garbage; but people like this woman keep on doing it. I watched them and paid attention to what they said BUT I already knew about it because I READ THE ENTIRE AD, , the words that are written on the ad, not what I want to see and I LISTEN to the AD ON TV and hear what they say, not what I want to hear. One of my best friends called me saying a company was scamming her. Just like this woman.. Right off the bat, I knew she was wrong but I drove to her house and asked to see the paperwork, etc. I TOOK A YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER AND HIGHLIGHTED THE WORDS IN THE AD that she swore she had read a hundred times. Then I read them to her very slowly exactly what was on the paper she agreed to and she about died. She read the words but read what she wanted to read. PEOPLE when YOU THINK you have 30 days to return the product... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING... you are probably thinking, oh I have 30 days AFTER I RECEIVE the product at my home to return it. WRONG most of these ads say or the person on the phone tells you that you have 30 days AFTER THE ORDER, which means as soon as you give them your credit card number…. Then it takes them 2 weeks to get it shipped to you and it will take them 2 weeks to process it after you ship it back, which you are going to mark your calendar to ship it after you have it for thirty days which will make YOU OWING THEM FOR 14 WEEKS ( 3 AND ONE HALF MONTHS) OF PRODUCT = 2 weeks plus 4 weeks ( the 30 days you keep it) plus 2 weeks for them to process your cancellation and 2 weeks for them to send you the cancellation notice and 2 weeks for you to send it back and 2 weeks for them to process it. AND YOU LEGALLY MUST PAY THIS BECAUSE YOU AUTOMATICALLY AND LEGALLY ENTERED INTO A BINDING CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY WHEN YOU GAVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND OTHER IDENTIFICATION. So to this woman and everyone else out there like her, male and females, DO NOT CALL ANY TELEPHONE NUMBER EVER AND GIVE ANYONE ON ANY TELEPHONE CALL YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, CREDIT CARD TYPE NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE, SECRET CODE ON THE BACK AND THE BILLING MAILING ADDRESSS and you will not be buying anything and agreeing to have the product sent to you every day, week, or month whatever the company ads tell you and you are legally required to pay them till the day you die. THIS WOMAN AND ALL LIKE HER MUST call her credit card company and CANCEL that credit card. That is the only way you can stop these orders. You agree to pay them for life. Period. AND DO NOT BE SO STUPID AGAIN AND GIVE THEM YOUR NEW CREDIT CARD NUMBER OR A DIFFERENT CREDIT CARD NUMBER WHEN THEY CALL AND ASK YOU FOR IT, which they will be doing immediately after you cancel that card. PEOPLE, , DO NOT BE THIS STUPID EVER AGAIN.. When anyone on the phone asks for your name HANG UP. If I hear the words, is this so and so, I hang up. IT IS A SALES CALL PEOPLE….. If it is anyone who knows you, they will not be asking you if that is you that answered the phone. AND IF ANYONE IS A NEIGHBOR OR FAMILY MEMBER OF THIS WOMAN, , , , , GO AND TALK TO HER AND TELL HER this same stuff and if this woman is your wife or mother, take her credit cards away and take her name off of any bank account so she does not end up losing everything she has to company’s she is in debt to. PEOPLE like this should not be allowed to have a checking account or credit cards if they are going to be calling any company about an Ad they saw on TV or heard about on the Radio or read about in any Magazine or Catalog or on the Internet and then try and say that they did not order products they really did order. Like I said, this lady is probably a really nice person and that is why she fell for the Free word being used in front of, just pay shipping and handling. People, again, listen to everything that is said and read everything that is said. AND IF YOU STILL ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO CALL THESE COMPANYS ----- Do not buy anything the first time you call them.. Tape record the conversation and play the tape over and over again and then let a neighbor that is smarter than you listen to it and explain to you what it really says. And use a fake name when they ask you your name. JUST LIKE on this site and all other websites… READ what it says… IT SAYS DISPLAY NAME… NOT YOUR REAL NAME… Put in the name you want displayed on this website and others. Never use your real name. This woman needs to cancel her account profile with this company and start over using a fake name and a different email account. Sorry lady, but you have to quit being so naïve and gullible. AND ONLY BUY ITEMS AND PRODUCTS THAT ARE SOLD IN YOUR LOCAL STORES. If you do not see it at your local store do not buy it. PERIOD. All of these items are sold in most drug stores or department stores or the big retail stores; but the only thing is, , , , you buy one at a time, unless you put them all in your shopping cart at once. But you are not legally signing up for a contract to automatically buy one every day, week or month until you die. YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN STUPID AND DUMB THIS TIME…. BUT WAKE UP AND USE YOUR BRAIN BETTER FROM NOW ON.. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.
A  5th of Dec, 2009 by 
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They should spend more time researching than advertising and they might have product that works. Celebrity sexy pout does nothing. As a makeup artist I was interested in the results that did nothing but gloss lips on two models and myself. Terrible. Try victorias secret lip plump it does work.
A  22nd of Dec, 2009 by 
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800-591-6383 Just called that number after experiencing all the same problems. I was connected to a WellWatcher rep immediately who gave me verification number on my cancellation of wellwatchers subscription. He also gave me this number 1-866-976-8349 for IOnline/CelebSexyTeethWhitener. After a short automatic recording it put my on hold with horrible, repetitive techno music, and eventually disconnected me with-out ever talking to anyone 3 times in a row. I tried the auto-order cancel link several months ago, It told me "Your auto-order has been canceled" I tried it again today and it told me the same thing instead of "your auto-order has ALREADY been canceled" like it should have. I also wrote a complaint form to them. So far nothing promising.
N  20th of Jan, 2010 by 
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Teeth Whitener - tooth whitener rip off
Prisitne Health and Ultifreshwell
United States

Both of these companies advertise a sample of teeth whitening products for $1.95 plus shipping and handling. Very prominent wording. Hidden in their terms and conditions is a statement that you must contact the company and advise whether you want teeth whitener to continue to be delivered and purchased. I did not read the "fine print" and within a month I was charged $87.62 twice by Pristine and $87.62 by Ultifreshwell and another 24.82 by another company. Of course I did not no I was dealing with these companies as their pitch is very slick. From reading complaints the companies are raking in thousands of dollars. This scam needs to be addressed by thee9382 Attorney General for origin of state. Anthony Kirkland
N  21st of Apr, 2010 by 
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Teeth Whitener - unauthorised credit card debit
Phone: 07 54940252

Two weeks ago I saw an ad for this teeth whitener on Technorati. com; it was to be FREE with a small charge of a few dollars for postage. However, I was shocked to see USD$87.47 debited from my credit card account + AUD $2.81 overseas fee. They were not authorised to take this money, and to date nothing has been received in the mail

Mary Garden
32 Pine Camp Road
Beerwah Qld 4519
N  21st of Apr, 2010 by 
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N  27th of Jul, 2010 by 
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I order a sample on the internet it was 99cents this was on 3/26 and with in 10 days they charged me 79.98 in april 4/12 and I did recieve only one shipment. then on 6/3 I recieved another charge it was 60.98 and I recieved 2 quanity of the teeth whitener. Now on 7/26 they charge me 98 and the only way to stop them from changing is cancel your credit card. I stop charge on my bank account which is attached to the credit card. Its amazing how the amount keeps going up and I also get a card charge from .49 to .78 this time. I have tried to cancel the only way I see it happening is cancel your credit card and get a new one.

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