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Fraudulent company

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To whom it may concern,

On nov.15, i placed an order (#6497) in the amount of $50.99, on line through paypal for 2 tshirts that i hoped to have delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I have been billed for the order, yet it appears the order has never been shipped. After several attempts by, email, over several weeks the company has made no effort to respond in any way at all to inquiries--which makes the matter appear worse than simply a later than expected shipment. Additionally, the last attempt today to send an email and check on the order, resulted in an inability to access through the password i'd been using. When i tried to have the password send to me, after two tries, there still has not been any contact. This starts to appear like a fraudulent company that takes money for products it doesn't ship and then makes contact with the company impossible. Is there anything anyone can do to help resolve this matter. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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A  27th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
Same issue.
No Phone Number.
No Response to email. (4 of them)
No Response to Fax.

My credit card was charged on 12/6/07. (ROCKTSHIRTSONLINE.COM NORTH WALES PA )

I've given them till tomorrow to respond before disputing the charge.
A  31st of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
I placed an order with them on 12/1/07 for an item I needed before xmas - no mention the item was not in stock and in my order when it said special instructions I said I wanted it before xmas. To date, I have not heard anything from them - after numerous emails. I did get an automated response that they were closed for the xmas holiday when I sent one xmas eve and was instructed to resend the email on Thursday 12/27/07 which I did.

I also read more carefully the confirmation order email I received and at the bottom it states you should read their "store policies" prior to placing any orders with them. I also want to note that after sending emails to them the week before xmas - their store policies changed and actually lists "will I receive my order by xmas" there are no guarantees with them about anything - they are a legitimate company, unfortunately, it seems unscrupulous. I've sent them several emails already to cancel my order since my order status is "in-progress" whatever that means and I have waited 20 business days, as per their store policy..

I have not been charged on my credit card and have notified my credit company to refuse the charge - hopefully that works.

From what I see how they work is you place the orders with them and they attempt to find your request through other outside sources. They only stock a small number of items and use outside vendors to fill any orders.

they do have a myspace website:


good luck hope you get a refund.
A  3rd of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
I ordered a shirt as a gift in mid-December. Never received it, and have yet to receive a reply. Not sure what to do. Can't find a way to contact these guys.
A  3rd of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
This company appears to be teetering on the edge of fraudulent.

I was very impressed with their selection of shirts, which I ordered on 11/11/07. To date, I've received nothing except a couple of emails advising me to review their store policy (f--- that s---... where are my shirts?) and an advisement they are "closed" for a winter break from 1/3/08 - 1/14/08, which I received after a previous email stating they would reopen on Thursday, January 3rd. Don't do business with this company. They look legit, but they don't deliver.
D  25th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
As a representative of Teeshirtsrock I would strongly disagree. For the few complaints above all of these complaints would be mute had the customer read our policies. Doesn't every smart consumer read a stores policies first? I do. We sell hundreds of t-shirts a day and as stated in our policies many are ordered as your order comes in. We made a business decision when we launched Teeshirtsrock to sell more t-shirts than any other site on the net. We make it clear that due to this we cannot physically stock every t-shirt on our site and thus order many as they come in. Thus we rely on the manufacturers and some take longer than others and discontinue styles without notice. We specifically state this because we may not be the site for everyone and we want customers to be aware of the possible time frames. We also do encourage customers to contact us first as we have over 10,000 plus tees that can ship out the same day and thus we can get tees to you as quick as anyone if the right tees are selected. In the last three months we had some unique situations. Due to growth we moved from a small office/warehouse to a huge 15,000 foot warehouse in Warminster, PA. As part of this we were forced to renovate and close our offices as stated above from the 4th through the 14th so yes there have been some recent delays. For anyone who has a complaint feel free to contact me and on a positive note we are expanding. We are adding new phone support, live chat and of course thousands of T-Shirts this Spring.
A  25th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
Same complaints as above. I placed an order on Dec. 16, my credit card was charged Dec 17 and I still have no product or refund. There is no way to get a hold of this company and they do not reply to e-mails.
D  28th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
Was kind of shocked to see this. These guys rock! Ive ordered from them several times all with great success. I think what you guys need to understand is they sell some rare tee shirts that you cant just get at Target or Hot Topic. So in some cases you may need to wait a little. I received one order from them the next day. The other three took anywhere from 3 to 5 days and then I did have one that took almost 3 weeks. They didnt charge me until it shipped and the shirt rocks. Crazy Eddie Tee! I just disagree. The flat out say that t-shirts can take several weeks and that at times they are unavailable. If you need to contact them they always respond to email with me at least and you can pick up the phone and get them as well. I guess if you didnt read their time frames you could be frustrated but cant really blame that on them I dont think.
D  1st of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
This is the worst experience I've ever gone through with an online purchase. It is beyond ridiculous that a company doesn't have a phone number to call and only emails, and then won't reply to you. I mean, if you have so many orders that you're too busy to reply to the only source of contact with a customer (email) then HIRE MORE STAFF! I wonder how many credit card companies have come back to the company telling them that they owe these people money back? I know mine is about to be one of them-if I don't get a reply to the 15th email I've sent today then I'm disputing charges. It appears that this has been an issue for quite some time for this "company", from what I read above. I was thinking that it was just me that was getting treated so poorly, but now I see that's just how they run their business. That one comment up there was from an employee there that talks about the "company" saying they have 10,000 tee shirts that ship the same day or whatever, but the funny thing is that out of all the other complaints on here from all the previous customers, someone should have received a order, but NO ONE DID! But they sure are quick to take your money! I now have to let down my brother who has asked me weekly since I showed him a picture of what I ordered and told him it was on the way, that I got screwed and he now has to wait longer so I can order from a LEGITAMATE company. Thanks a lot. I've been nice and patient, but how nice and patient do I have to be to get what I paid for??? Oh and everyone else that got scammed like me, don't forget---report them to the Better Business Bureau also---I am!
A  1st of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
Melissa R. - you sound like a good PR person, but I'm sorry you work for a crappy excuse for an online company. You recommend reading all the store policies (20 day grace period before something ships) before buying, but the bottom line is that Teeshirtsrock doesn't deliver their products. I also ordered a Tshirt on 12/14 and my status as of today, 2/1, is still "New Order." This is unacceptable. As a consumer I don't think it's my job to go into every purchase I make with skepticism, wondering if I'm going to get the product I paid for. If Teeshirtsrock knew anything about running a business they would be a bit more proactive to ensure they're able to address their customers. I've placed a dispute with my credit card company and I recommend the rest of the consumers who have complained here to do the same. My company credited me the money without even blinking. Also, if any of you are interested in working with an online company that has the BEST customer service I have EVER gotten, check out Soul Flower clothing. I ordered the exact same product through them on Wednesday, 1/30 and received it on 1/31 with only a $7 shipping fee. They also have a phone line so I didn't even use their web site to place my order. Melissa R. good luck in your career, but take my advice and jump this sinking ship of a company and get a REAL gig at a company whom you won't have to sell your soul to defend. Peace.
A  2nd of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am having the exact same experience. Placed an order on Dec. 15th. And yes I did read the store policies. I tried contacting the company AFTER 15 business days. No response. Tried a second time after 20 business days. No response. Opened a dispute with Paypal - still no response. There is NO EXCUSE for conducting business this way. I don't care how many items you are dealing with. If you are taking more orders than you can fill. STOP TAKING ORDERS - AND STOP TAKING PEOPLES MONEY! Accepting money for orders you know you cannot fill is fraud. Melissa R , you sound as dishonest as your company. You claim the company was closed from Jan. 4th - 14th in order to facilitate a company move. Yet the company website claims the closure is simply an annual winter vacation. As for Steve, I'm not sure how long you've worked for the company but I don't buy your story - what could have brought you to this website if you were truly happy with their service. I've ordered items over the web for years from literally thousands of companies and have never found a real company that operates in a worse manner. If this company is real - they are NOT REPUTABLE. And if they are expanding - it will be short-lived based on the service provided. Their standing with PayPal will certainly not last. DO NOT do business with this company under any circumstances. As for the original complaintant - you said you paid with Paypal. Go to the Paypal website and enter a dispute on your order and elevate it to a claim to get a refund.
N  5th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes
RIP OFF!!! I finally got my money back from them. I will tell you how. E-mail me. CONTACT and make a complaint through www.ic3.gov They are in partnership with the FBI. Help stop internet crime. Don't let this company take off with your money people!!! DO SOMETHING!
N  5th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes
EVERYBODY!!! GOTO WWW.IC3.GOV and make a complaint to them... the FBI works with them. Don't let them get you! PLEASE! I got my money back... I just want to help everybody else whos been scammed by this company!
N  5th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes
Contact me and I will let you know to get your money back!!! They ripped me off and I FINALLY just got my refund in full... after 3 months of waiting!! File a complaint to WWW.IC3.GOV lets do something about this!!! Don't let them run away with your hard earned money!
A  2nd of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
******DONT BUY FROM TEESHIRTSROCK.COM*********** I purchased from teeshirtsrock.com on 1/7/08 paypal charged my credit card on 1/9/08. to date we have not received anything, I have emailed them 15 times, requesting a refund. We did not get a response from them until feb 8th requesting our paypal receipt, still nothing no product no refund not even the courtesy of a response to our emails. We lodged a complaint with paypal but they will not help if 45 days have gone by. I dont understand how someone can just keep your money??? *******DONT BUY FROM TEESHIRTSROCK.COM
N  10th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
I'm not exactly sure about this company, i have put in an order about 6 days ago. They have not charged me any money yet but the order has not been filled. I suspect that it may be a fraud but seeing as how i have already placed the order and i have not been charged yet I'm not sure what to do about it. Ill come back if the situation changes.
A  15th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
Worst online company I have ever dealt with. While there website does specify it can take 20days before an item is shipped you have to read their frequently asked question or shipping policy page. It also is supposed to state if an item is out of stock and has to be ordered from an outside vendor. I had to send a second hard e-mail to receive a response at which time was told my original e-mail had been responded to. I never received it so you do the math. I just wanted to know if my item had shipped yet, and still that question went unanswered. The only response I received was :

We responded to your last email.

Our store policies specifically state that orders can take up to 20 business days. It also specifically states in the shipping option the time frames once the order ships out.

We are definitely not like any other company on the net and strive not to be. We offer more items than any other website on the net combined. This is our business plan and it works very well for most customers. Rather than carry the same 1000 t-shirts we carry over 30, 000. While we physically stock about half of these we cannoy physically stock all of them and we make this clear in our store policies. We are not for everyone and we have several other websites that do follow the business model you refer to below. That is not how this website works.

We are sorry you are disappointed but we stated the time frames and as soon as an orders ready to ship its out the door.

Basically this said to me, you're a liar we already told you, and we could care if we have your business!

I would do your best to find your item somewhere else and don't shop here!
A  3rd of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Same thing with me, I order some T-shirts and never get anything, they didn't answer E-mails and trying to give them those 20 business days and a little more time I lost my right to fill a dispute with Pay pal.
Worst internet experience ever!!!
Let's see what www.ic3.gov can do for me.
A  12th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
same same same here. ordered two shirts, and only recieved one. Was never told that the second shirt i ordered would not be shipped when i purchased it because they were "out of stock" shouldnt i have been made aware of this at the time of purchase, or anytime after that? took 3 emails to finally get a response, then they just said "oh, your other shirt is not coming" no apology or nothing. never buy from them.
A  8th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Same experience here, I ordered on the 11th of April and I'm still waiting, they didn't reply any emails for months and now they're saying the order was shipped back in April. Right...
N  9th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
DOes anyone have their postal address? I need it to file a complaint with BBB and I can't find it on thier site.

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