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Did not receive entire order! In the middle of november, i ordered two black friends coffee mugs, one for my best friend and one for me. I was charged around $45, can't remember, but i ordered two. I just got my package today, filmed an unboxing, and only received one -_- so yes i have proof that you can't do something as simple as get someone's order right. And i can't get a hold of anyone, ever!! I've been calling this company since the day after i ordered from them. Had i known this company had terrible customer service i would have never ordered from them, believe me. I've been on hold with them going on a half hour now!!! Next time i will test the customer service before i put an order in. I'm highly upset and disappointed! I either need my mug or a refund of one mug so if anyone knows how to get in contact with them please let me know!!!


Dec 08, 2016

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