TedMishandling put myself bad

I am one of your customers and I have used your site for a long time, and I always recommend my family and friends
Reservations through your website if they you were traveling.
In last new year night 31-12-2014 I was driving from Minnesota to Florida for a one day driving my car.
I booked the “Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Sawgrass Mills “ before I arrived to Miami with Booking Number: [protected] PIN Code: 7163.
When I came to the hotel they inform me that I do not have any reservation!!
I connect with booking customer service center immediately because I was looking for a solution from them.
Unfortunately, the employee was not cooperative with me and he did not understand the mental and physical condition the was happening to me.
They told me that they have canceled booking and they were search for a new hotel!!
That did not Satisfies neither me or my wife because I booked the hotel two hours before I arrived to Miami and they did not inform about the cancellation me that during this time.
They conveyed to me that they found the hotel that is about 40 miles of driving a car and I did not accept this solution.
Where I was celebrating with my wife because that night was the seventh anniversary of our marriage.
We needed to rest because we drove one day, also before we are planning to go to celebrate the New Year 2015.
I connected with the customer service for an hour or more. Unfortunately, the employee shut down the line at me face while I was talking!!
He did not understand my case when I was calling him from the Hotel parking.
He told me that he would communicate with me again before closing the line at me and he did not do that.
I forced to cancel all my plans and sufficient sleeping in the car, despite my satiation.
This caused me a very very very frustrated of me and my wife. It was a black night of us.
I hope you find a solution for me because I am still suffering from this deal or I will address my embassies and inform my Lawyer
To take the necessary measures with you and I have all the proof of that.

Thank you

Jan 11, 2015

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