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I had ordered a Lumix DMC-TZ5 from, but the next day I receive a call that says there is a problem and I need to call Techon back. This is already an unfortunate event as my wife got the message and the gift is for her. However I assumed there was a problem with the order information which was my fault. So I was very unhappy to find that when I called back and after confirming that all the data entered was correct I was treated to an array of requests to purchase an SD card as "the camera was not compatible with standard cards" - which is clearly a lie since it shows the standard SD logo as did my previous Lumix. It may benefit from a faster or bigger card which uses a new format, but it surely does not require it. Then the battery requests - camera will only run 20 min on the supplied battery, and I have to upgrade to a 2 hour one. After finally saying I just did not want to spend any more money, I am told that the camera is actually not a US model, but is "grey market", which he says means that all the documentation and menus on the camera will be in Japanese!
At this point I decided, true or not, I did not want to do business with such a shady organization, and requested that he cancel the order. How this company could get a 5-star rating is amazing, and causes me to believe that the ranking organization must be either flooded with bogus ratings or in on the scam themselves (


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