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I decided to purchase a Nikon Coolpix S550 via the Internet, and I wanted to take advantage of the 4th of July specials. Searching for the camera on Google (which is also responsible for this ripoff for putting fraud ads on their site) reveals that has stores selling the camera for $145 or more. The website links me to Techon Digital. I decide to purchase the camera for $145 plus $8.49 ground shipping.

I receive an email to contact them to confirm my order, so I do the next morning. The representative was very supportive at first, confirming all of my information was correct to send the camera, until he started to try to upsell me on OVERPRICED accessories. First he tried to provide me with a memory card, but I told him that I already had a 4GB SD card that would fit enough photos. He then tells me that I require an additional longer-lasting battery, because the one that comes included only lasts 15-20 minutes or 20 pictures. I immediately disbelieved him because I knew from past experience with Nikon that they don't sell batteries that run out quickly (and for such a good camera), and so I told him to just ship the camera how it is. He then told me that it would take 3 - 4 weeks to process the order, then ended the call by saying 'Thank you for your money.' before hanging up.

I was shocked at the result of this call, so I decided to cancel my order. Fortunately, thanks to my social engineering skills, I was able to do so without a hassle. I immediately called again and got connected to another rep, and I greeted him by asking 'How are you doing today, sir?'. He replied that he was really busy... yeah right... scamming people out of their own hard earned money! >:(

After greeting the representative, I had established a solid positive attitude with him, so that he doesn't get all rude on me (and apparently it worked). I then asked to cancel my order because I no longer felt the need for the camera. He then went ahead to cancel it immediately. While I was still on the call, I received an email saying that the order was canceled because it was on backorder... yeah right!

Immediately, I called my credit card company to immediately replace my credit card with a new number, and to be on the look out for any attempts on the old card. This was the first time ever since I have had a problem with a business with e-Commerce, and hopefully, with the help of [redacted], it would be my last.

Thank you, and I hope this has helped you get away from those illegal Indian scums that are Techon Digital aka Starlight Camera and probably!!

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  • M
      Jul 09, 2008

    I had a similar experience with these people on 7-8-08... they are definate bait and switchers and scammers...

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      Jul 17, 2008

    I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I ordered a camcorder and thought I was getting a great deal. I, too, got the email to call and confirm. I called to confirm and a rude guys tries to sell me batteries, lenses etc. I denied all accessories and he said my camera was on backorder for 5 weeks, even though the site said it was available.

    Just to be sure I tried to order a another camcorder today and got the exact same spill and treatment and the called ended with the camcorder was on backorder, even though the site said it was available.

    These guys are a piece of work. I guess you only get your product if you buy the inflated accessories. Please help get the word out on these guys!!!

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  • Em
      Jul 28, 2008

    I just ordered from these guys this weekend. I found a Powershot SD1100 on their site far cheaper than any other one out there. I placed my order online and received an e-mail asking me to call to confirm my order, like everyone else. I called and got the same upselling scam as everyone else. I fell for purchasing the battery, but nothing else the guy tried to sell me. I did find it curious that Canon, who is perhaps the most reputable camera manufacturer out there, would produce a battery that only lasts 15-20 minutes, but now I know the guy was lying to me! I just confirmed this order yesterday, and my CC has not been charged yet. I'm going to check my e-mail when I get home from work (damn internet filters) and see if they've canceled my order because I didn't buy enough stuff from them. If not, I think I'm going to cancel it anyway and call my CC company and tell them not to process a charge from these con artists. I went to their "policies" page on their website, and they claim they can charge you a MINIMUM of a 20% restocking fee and a 20% cancellation fee on any order billed. Talk about a ripoff! I wish I had done research on this company before I ordered from them. Normally I do. I feel like an idiot right now.

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  • L
      Aug 05, 2008

    Like you, Embarrassed, I wish I had done more research on these guys too. I ordered a Garmin GPS, normally around 400-500 dollars. It said that it was $175 on their site. I didn't get a confirmation e-mail, but I needed the GPS as soon as I could get it, so I called myself and the guy told me that the GPS that I ordered had the maps from 2017, and that to update the order, I would be charged 268 dollars. Yes, I was upset that they didn't tell me that the maps wouldn't be CURRENT, but I still figured that it would be a lot cheaper than a retail shop. Dummy me, I believed that it would be worth it to pay $268 when I could have paid $218 for the same exact thing on another website. They also tried to sell me a memory card, telling me that it was crucial to have- but I knew for a fact that it wasn't because I've used the same GPS without a memory card. When he was trying to sell me that, I kept telling him, "no thank you" and he kept bugging me about it. He finally said "For no charge, we can send you a shock proof case" but I still said that I wasn't interested in the memory card. Then, he added in LCD screen wipes and something else, I'm not sure what. And at that point, I hadn't told him that I wanted to upgrade to the 2017 maps, so he was really trying hard to get me to buy something else. Once I finally upgraded to the new maps, he said he would throw in the case and cleaner for free. These guys should be put out of business.

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  •   Dec 04, 2008
    Techon Digital - Terrible experience
    Techon Digital
    United States

    Ordered a camera... They were all friendly... said I had to call them to verify order... It took a long time to get them on the phone... real friendly... told me they were ready to send out my order... started to tell me the camera would not use rechargeable double a batteries..I already knew they would... The man (named James) got very rude and insisted he was not lying... rudely said he should process the order and hung up.

    I got to thinking about it, looked on the internet and it said I did not have a order (my order number was [protected]) I called customer service and they informed me it was sold out and not to reorder. It was funny how it wasn't sold out until I refused to my their expensive batteries or memory cards. If they aren't going to fulfill the orders they should be shut down.

    The camera I wanted is still showing on the website as in stock.

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