Technology 21ripped off nothing worked

eight months ago on the 27th of Jan i was sold a computer and program on automated horse racing by Dominic Desilva, and nothing worked as it should have. nothing worked at all. I have been trying in all that time to get help, every time i rang a girl named Sarah would tell me something different from the last call, this went on for months, and when i started to suggest that i get my money back my phone calls would not be returned. In the last few months a guy by the name of Doug has taken over from Sarah, and he has been telling us somthing different every time he spoke to us as well, he blamed the internet speed and all sorts of things. I then sent an email asking very strongly for my money back, and that ws the last i have heard from them, they seem to have vanished. I paid $9680. can we take this guy for frord or somthing? and can we get our mony back?


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