Technoking (Pty) Ltd / Unethical behaviour and threats of break in and destroying and stealing of equipment

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Good day I stay in the Krugersdorp area. On Saturday, 9 January there was a massive rain and hail storm, and thereafter the DSTV did not want to work. Because I have used Technoking once before, (when I moved to this house they had to connect my decoder to the existing dish), and have received good service, I phoned them again on Sunday morning, 10 January. Although they advertise that they work on Sunday's, they said to me that they do not work on Sundays, but I had to send them my address and they will contact me on Monday morning. By about 9h00 on Monday morning, I have made numerous phone calls to them (Themba), but he did not answer the phone [protected]). I saw that he was on whatsup, and I send him a message to find out whether or not he will still go to my house on Monday and I requested him to please return my phone call, so that I can explain to him what the problem is. I also wanted to make sure that he brought a long latter, as the DSTV dish is on the side of the house, and it is a double story house. He send me a whatsup back saying "Ok, will gladly do so." By 11h54 I still have had no phone call and I sent another whatsup to remind him that somebody will only be at the house until 14h00, as explained on the Sunday, and I again asked him to please phone me back. By 13h12 I received a whatsup saying that he will not be able to be at my house at 14h00 as he was busy. Again I sent a whatsup and requested him to phone me, and I asked whether he will be able to be at my house by 15h00, which he replied back and said that 15h00 will be ok. Again I replied back and said that he must phone me when he is finished with the job he is busy with, so that I can explain to him what I want. During this entire process, I have tried to phone him, but the call was not answered. He arrived at my place at 15h13 and wrote me another whatsup saying "Hi, you've still not explained what's happening here?". By this time I was furious, because he did not act professionally at all. I then phoned him, and again he did not answer the call. I had to phone my housekeeper, and asked her to give him her own phone, so that I can explain to him what was wrong with the DSTV. Only after he testing the DSTV, did he phone me back on his own phone and said that nothing was wrong and that everything is working, and that something might have gotten wet, but by this time it has dried out, and therefore it was working now. (Please take note that he did not install anything - this is important) I asked him whether or not I still owe him any money, because he did not do anything, and he said I only need to pay him his call out fee of R390-00, which he will e-mail me the invoice and I can pay it. He e-mailed me the invoice on Tuesday, and I could not make payment that evening and he started phoning me and threatening me. On Wendesday morning, he phoned me again and started shouting at me, and because of this behavior I put the phone down. He then sent me a whatsup saying : "Please make sure that my invoice is paid by the end of business today or else tomorrow I'll have guys come in and rectify your installation or do a dish take down! Trust me on this one!!!" I replied back saying :"I take note of your written threat, to break in to my property and to sabotage and remove property which does not belong to you. I will keep it on file." He replied back saying "Written threat!? Please mind yourself! It's stuff we installed! And you clearly haven't paid for it so I have every right to take it and trust me I will not break in cause I'll authority escorts that you and please kindly don't write to me unless it's regarding my payment or proof of payment! Anything else then I guess we shall meet in court." I feel that I was grossly mistreated as a customer, shouted to, threatened and lied to (because he did not install anything). I need to bring this under the attention of whomever is in charge of DSTV or Multichouse, because I am sure that they would not approve of having a supplier or franchisor who treat their customers like this. I tried to copy the whatsup chats, but unfortunately was not successful. I can however be contacted on [protected]. Kind regards Ina de Beer

Jan 13, 2016
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  • Ri
      Jun 01, 2019
    Technoking - Customer service
    South Africa

    Customer Care told me they can't assist me because they "NEED TO GO CATCH A LIFT???!?"
    DSTV has some Rotten apples.. the one that spoke to me is from the very worst the company has in its employ. I can't believe I pay money to be spoken to like that.. I wonder how much Netflix costs?

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