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TechniSource / Harassment

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Glen Allen office "Senior Account Executive" called me and after talking to me about the wrong job, he came around and realized I was "extremely well qualified" with stellar references, a very high TS/SCI clearance, and 15 years experience. He negotiated the salary, asked me if I would work for Technisource directly, and also negotiated that salary. He said I would start around June 15th. When he asked me what "disability retirement" meant (from my government job I just retired from), I explained I had a disability, but required no accomodation at all. He kept asking more and more questions, like, "how could I crawl under desks" and kept diging and digging. I explained to him again that I simply had a 5 level fusion in my neck, but he wouldn't stop. After about 10 minutes of grilling me, he told me to send him 3 references, submit my profile on their website, join specific social networking sites, and he would get back with me asap.

Two weeks later, he has not responded to 4 of my emails. I called him, and instead of him answering professionally, he hesitated (apparently saw my number), and wanted to know who I was and what I wanted. He stammered so much when I asked why he refused to answer my emails, etc. He kept stuttering, and I finally ung up and called their corporate office. HR goes through their "help desk, " amd a very rude lady chastised me for not going straight ot his manager instead of going through corporate, and that I should have followed their chain of command! What the heck is this? She gave me a help desk ticket number - which meant nothing to me, so I contacted his manager.

PLEASE, PLEASE stay away from Technisource. This kind of treatment in unethical, against the law, and on top of all of this, there never even was a real job! What I applied for was not even an open job! Are they collecting resumes??

I did let them know that I am very angry and will do whatever I have to do since they literally had me ready to move to a new city and take a job that didn't exist. Avoid these con artists, even if you are desparate for a job! They are misleading and discriminating used car salesmen. I truly feel sorry for all the others who have been duped by Technisource, Inferion, and their other aliases! They are apparently preying on the unemployed by collecting resumes, making false promises, and asking illegal questions in their screening processes.

Who am I? I just retired last week from one of the top Government agencies in Washington DC, where I was a senior level government employee and IT Manager.


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