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Techchex, inc / non-payment

1 1033 SW Yamhill, Suite 204Portland, OR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 503.962.9206

Shelah Johnson and her company, Techchex, owes me money since April of 2008. Shelah has come up with a slew of excuses as to why she could not pay her overdue invoices to me. I had to stop in, out of the blue to collect a smaller amount invoice on the spot.

After a successful power point and brochure that they were happy with and had paid for, the last bill was never paid. She still also owes me money for 2 brochures I created and provided to them in April of 2008. She thinks she can get away with this and it shows little professionalism.

If you are a freelancer, design agency or potential client, be aware that she has a history of not paying - me and other people in town. Portland, Oregon is a small town and reputations are important making it surprising that she has conducted herself in such a way - apparently beating up on the smaller businesses and not caring if she pays her debts.

I sued her and won in Small Claims Court and she is currently in collections. The Better Business Bureau, Dunn & Bradstreet and the Oregon Attorneys' offices have all been contacted and complaints have been made against Techchex, inc. Online forums, local networking groups and this site will also act as an area to warn others about Techchex, inc.

Run as fast as you can from her as a vendor. And if you are thinking of becoming a new client of theirs, keep in mind their reputation in town is beginning to tarnish.

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  • He
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    There are always to sides to every story as does this one.

    First, we do in-fact owe Rhea and have every intention to make good on this debt of jut over $700.

    Second, Rhea agreed to work with us as we repositioned ourselves due to the dramatic change in market. Many of our customer's businesses were and some still are, in financial stress due to our current economy, many of them closed their doors. We make it our policy to work with small businesses to help them through their recovery process - which of course benefit all involved, incluiding Rhea.

    Rhea send at least 6 different registered letters and dozens of emails. Each time I reached out to her and renewed our agreement. I also did what I could to get referral business for her -

    What Rhea does not tell you is that when she did stop at our offices unannounced she started yelling while we had customers in our office. I had to try to move her away from the meeting and and into a hallway. She has the right to be agree with me, but it was very embarrassing for the customer.

    Rhea has done everything in her power to waylay payment, rather then help to expedite payment. She is also very nieve when it comes to business basics and often unable to grasp the big picture.

    1) if one cannot pay $700 how can you get them to pay now $1, 000
    2) if one comes to an offices and try to start a fight while customers are present - how will that secure payment,
    3) posting malaise notes that drive customers away is a sure way to never get paid.

    Actions such as these only perpetuate an already bad situation.

    Rhea does not want to get paid, she wants to be angry about something, she wants to be vindictive, she wants to feel she has power over someone else. I think she looks for opportunities to generate negative actions.

    As our customers begin to recover, so do we. I don't feel good that we have dept, I don't think anyone does, but I do feel good that we are able to help our small business customers, and in doing so we are able to recover from our own dept.

    Working together, we can build healthy businesses, even in a downturn economy.

  • Rh
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    The one certified letter that I sent (yes, after numerous emails and calls) requested a payment plan to show trust in your ability to pay, which were all ignored (for an invoice now 7 months overdue).

    Your additional statements of me yelling in your office is fantasy and that would be clear to the myriads of professional references and colleagues who have known me for the past 17 years.

    Can you please tell me when you intend to pay Shelah, as you state in your posting?

    Thank you,

  • Rh
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Update: It is now May 31st, 2009 and Shelah Johnson has never once attempted to pay back the $700 she acknowledges above as due.

  • Wc
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    Add another no-payment to Shelah's resume.
    She has owed my company Pacific Marketing about $3, 000 for well over a year now and has not returned frequent calls or emails regarding the matter!

    Purely disgusting behavior -

    Executive Director
    Pacific Marketing
    Portland Oregon

  • Op
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    And another...

    Techchex stopped paying their Internet hosting fees to Opus Interactive and then promised catch-up payments when pressed. They owed several thousand dollars and never made the promised payments. When we told them we were going to cut off services, we found they had already moved their site to the next likely victim - without informing us.

    We sued in small claims court and received a default judgment because she never responded to the lawsuit after she was served by the sheriff. Curious how long of a line I am standing in to recuperate our losses from Techchex.

    This will no doubt catch up with Shelah.

    Mark Brody
    Opus Interactive, Inc.

  • Rh
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I implore each of you to also complain to the BBB and D&B. Another round of paperwork and annoyance (I am right there with you Mark - and hey, I do work with Opus on PPTs from time to time, but I digress), but that is one way that her "company" can get dinged where it may matter most.

    You are right, though, her reputation WILL catch up to her, as it already has in some circles.

  • Mc
      30th of Sep, 2011
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    I am currently dealing with Shelah and a case of non-payment with her online magazine Trailerchix. It has been over 90 days and I have received no payment for my invoice submitted to her on 7/10/11. Whenever I ask for an update on the status of my payment I am met with a barrage of insults and personal attacks. Finding this information has been an eye opener, but does not really suprise me. It's really quite sad that a person would act this way. Shame.

  • Jo
      16th of Feb, 2012
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    I have watched this woman cheat people for 6 years!

  • Jo
      16th of Feb, 2012
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  • Mi
      13th of Jul, 2012
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    I did some telemarketing work for Shelah Johnson in 2008 - never got paid - incurred a string of lies and insults from Ms. Johnson. She is a prolific liar - I don't believe she can go through a day without lying or cheating someone!

  • Mo
      11th of Oct, 2012
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    Sadly, this sounds all too familiar to my experience. Guess I can kiss five months of my life, and $4k, goodbye.

  • Mo
      13th of Oct, 2012
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    BTW...I've submitted a claim through the BBB.

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