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TEC 2000 Jewelry / Tarnished & Chiped Jewelry

1 Broomfield, CO, United States Review updated:

QJC hands out tickets saying that you could win a quality piece of jewelry but the fact is they are just trying to sell there not so Quality Jewely they show jewelry that looks good but when I purchase it they put in little black bags they guarantee that there jewelry not to change color, tarnish and to be free of defects but when I got home and opened my little black bag what I found was discolored chipped jewelry when I went back to the place I purchased it the QJC women was gone and she left no contact information with the store manager which means I now own $125.00 that is worthless junk jewelry.

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  • Qj
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    We saw your complaint on We are sorry you've had a negative experience with QJC. QJC does have a lifetime warranty and we will replace any piece that is damaged, broken or otherwise. In your package, you should have received a warranty card with the address. In addition, your receipt has our contact phone number. In the event you do not have either of these items, please call us at 877-795-1901. We will immediately take care of your damaged jewelry.

  • Ph
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    I stupidly purchased a bracelet on Friday night. On Saturday night, while watching TV, I got up from the couch to get water. I went back to the couch and the bracelet was lying on the couch. It was broken - a link in the chain broke. And it costs 6.95 for shipping if you want to send it back to them. I only paid $15.00 for this piece of garbage, I'm not paying for them to replace it. THEY ARE THIEVES. I'm going to contact the store they were in - Big Lot's - and tell them what happened. I had been talking to the kid that was doing this and he told me they have a contract with Big Lots.

  • Te
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I just wanted to say, have never heard of this company Quality Jewelry Consolidators until last night 11/4/09 when I was shopping in Big Lots. I went ahead and purchased one of the necklaces which came with a warranty card, however does anyone know anything about this company? Why do they go to Big Lots to give out free jewelry...if you think about the typical shopper at Big Lots they are there to save money (I love finding great deals). I honestly do not expect that this jewelry is real in any way, considering the price and where I bought it. I noticed that my receipt has a company name of "Blade Marketing, Inc" located in West Hampton Beach, NY so why do they use the name "Quality Jewelry Consolidators" (QJC) at Big Lots. Their warranty card no where states that they are associated with Blade Marketing Inc. Is the company a fraud?

  • Iz
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    I purchased some jewelry from a very nice young man. I did have a problem with one piece. It was a bracelet that was too large for my wrist. I returned the next day and he gladly exchanged the piece for another. He also told me that he would give me a refund if I so desired. I have a Lexus. I've had my Lexus for 3 years. It's really a Toyota. No one at the Lexus dealership told me that it was a Toyota. I am simply a good consumer and I happen to know that my Lexus is pretty much a Toyota. Does that make Lexus a fraud? No. Anyone with good business sense knows that companies have subsidiary's that operate under a different name. So what. Walmart has Sam's Club. Kroger operates as King Soopers and City Market. This jewelry I purchased meets my expectations for the price I paid. I've purchased much jewelry over the years and even fine jewelry of mine has broken, tarnished, etc. One piece I bought years ago that was 14K gold, fine jewelry, twisted and I wasn't able to ever wear it again. I paid $100 for that bracelet I wore for about a month. It landed in a scrap gold pile and I recently sent it in for cash. No one warranted that piece. So, for $20 bucks with a lifetime warranty, I'm sold. It's pretty jewelry and I like it.

  • Di
      13th of Feb, 2010
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    Blade Marketing sells costume jewelry. It is less expensive than what you would pay a home jewelry party, department store, or TV (and I'm guessing it's probably about the same quality. It is gold-overlay, according to them, and I have no reason to believe any differently. You could buy 14-K gold a a much higher price, but the look it the same to the average (non-jeweler peron). So in that sense, the jewelry is probably a good buy.

    My compliant about Blade Marketing Inc. is:
    1. They say their are doing market research in their demonstration pitch. They're not. They're selling jewelry.
    2. They lie to their employees.

    Warning: Don't work for them. They save the best sales locations for their inner circle. You won't get to the inner circle because you'll never make enough sales in stores like Big Lots. People don't go to Big Lots to buy jewelry.

  • Jj
      29th of Aug, 2010
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  • Js
      23rd of Jul, 2011
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    Blade marketing new York ( BMNY ) ( is a scam. They'll do a drawing to offer a free price of jewelry and during the process say they're collecting marking date the offer certain pieces at discount in a bag. They pass around garbage gold plated fake jewelry. This was on an Air Force base AAFES BX where they were taking advantage of our fighting men and women.

  • Ma
      7th of Oct, 2011
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    People...what the hell do you want for $70? The Hope diamond? I'm of the opinion if it lasts 6 mos...I'm ok with that...for $700 maybe I would feel a little different..but really...some very nice pieces for $70. What's all the fuss about? If any of you had that big a problem, maybe you shouldn't be buying any jewelry in the first place.

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