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Team USA Moving / Poor, honorable company

1 United States Review updated:

I will not write too much as my previous report was completely accurate, but I would like to respond to one specific claim Byron Rainer made.

He claimed I changed the day of my move, which could not be further from the truth. As mentioned in the original post, the move was scheduled for a two day window: either Saturday or Sunday. On Sunday morning (after not hearing or being able to contact Team USA), a driver called and said he could not make it until Tuesday. I said Tuesday was unacceptable and again tried but did not succeed on contacting Team USA. When I did get a hold of them Monday, THEY said the earliest they could come was Tuesday. I agreed to continue letting them handling our move as long as they could guarantee Tuesday morning pick up and I could talk to the driver to confirm this. They guaranteed the Tuesday morning (I stress morning, before noon, was guaranteed - this was very important since our lease had already expired) pickup and told me the driver would contact me. He never did and I continually tried to contact the driver. After not being able to reach the driver, I contacted Team USA and told them to have the driver contact us ASAP. When he did, he told me that he had to make a 10,000 lb pickup in Kentucky in the morning then was coming to get our load and wouldn’t make it until the afternoon sometime. Since there is no where in Kentucky under a two and a half hour drive and since a 10,000 lb load will take at least a few hours (our 1,500 lb load took three for example), we determined it was time for us to make other plans since they already said they couldn’t make it in the morning and we doubted that’d make it at all.

Furthermore, the contract Mr. Rainer is referring to states that the pickup dates to be Saturday or Sunday and only written, signed changes are acceptable to change that contract. This is beside the point since Mr. Rainer apparently believes being forced to push back our date multiple times equates me changing the date. And the driver was not on his way to pick up my load, he was on his way to pick up another, larger load and they thought they could squeeze in mine (which would have been fine if they could have shown up when the guaranteed they would). This part of their story keeps changing as one time I called they claimed the driver showed up at my door – a blatant lie.

I have made complaints with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Secretary of State of Florida. The Dept of Transportation said Team USA would not respond to their inquiries which I believe they would if they truly believe I am in the wrong here. I find it humorous that Team USA is claiming to seek legal action towards me while they avoid the government's calls. The government suggested I file a complaint in small claims court, but at this point I would be content if prospective customers would just avoid Team USA.

Finally, it's unfortunate Mr. Rainer resorted to insults ("the adolescent foibles of an individual that is obviously incapable of handling the truth" and "financially inept indiviual [sic]"), but that shows what type of company Team USA is. He states "We have been in business for over six years, and we can not stay in business doing what this gentleman alleges." What I wrote is exactly what happened and Team USA stays in business by getting contracts with people, like myself, who are too trusting and do not realize how many unethical businesses operate in the industry.

But do not believe me alone, here are other examples of the way Team USA does business (just google 'Team USA moving' for more):

- Better Business Bureau: Unsatisfactory Record. They have had 118 complaints in the last 36 months.

- Member of's Black List

- [redacted]: Team USA will take your money
/URL removed/

- News Report on Team USA

There many more, like I said, just google them - I am not just some unreasonable isolated case looking to take advantage of a poor, honorable company. My biggest problem was that I failed to do my research and let myself fall victim to a con job. Please, don't make the same mistake I did. Do not hire Team USA Moving.

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  • Ji
      24th of Jan, 2009
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  • Br
      29th of May, 2010
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    I do not doubt a word. I was also victimized by their deceit.

    They promised to pick up our stuff within a 3 day window. They were 5 days late.
    Team USA said their truck broke down. When the movers showed up they said the truck did not break down but were in Minnesota (I was moving from Salt Lake).

    Team USA did not ever call me to tell me they were going to be late or when they would actually pick up my stuff. They did not do anything but collect my money.

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