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TeaLife LLC / Ignorant customer

1 United States

You guys are really ridiculous.

Because you didnt read the terms and conditions, you're blaming them.

Look, I'm filling this out and just below, (above Post Review) there's a checkbox, DO YOU AGREE?

I bet you didn't read those terms.

Yeah, it's a little different cause you're not putting your credit card information in, but COME ON.

When you buy a car do you not read all the papers they make you sign? I really hope so.

When you apply for a credit card do you not read all the terms of the card, aprs and all that? You better.

If you go to the store and the cashier charges you twice for something that costs $2.30 and you really only bought one, do you not complain?

You pay so much attention to all this little ***, and you cant even read 6 paragraphs, when entering YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION on the INTERNET.

This is your own fault. They tell you what is going to happen before you order. The information is there, in plain english, for you to read.

It's your own ignorance biting you in the ***. Live and learn, kids.


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