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TD Insurance / MVA case altered to WCB, failed

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 587 353 2484

I had an accident 2014 july, A driver hit my SUV from behind, I got whiplashed, and also hurt my Right arm, knee, and lower back. TD accidental benefit analyst ( actually anarchist) sent me for their approved physiotherapist (As TD can control the physio- therapist when to discharge even not cured completely). After 14 sessions, therapist told me now they will go on my personal geen shield benefit and after exhausting green shield benefit my claim will go through TD insurance again. Surprisingly it did not happen, and therapist discharged me without completing treatment on my arm. So far she did good on neck and knee, but arm still need to be fixed...but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..., She discharged me and TD analyst called my phone and told me whatever exercise is given, enough to cure my injury!! Good news! I was still having problem and getting very tired with my arm in few minutes of working. After month and half snowfall happened and about 15 cm and while II was driving Bus in that accumulated snow my hand got aggravated as my hand couldn't handle to drive in the snow. Actually it was so much pain I couldn't do lot of things with that Right hand., , , like washing dishes, even driving my own SUV for 15 minutes.I called TD analyst he immediately answered(with hostile manner) it is not MVA related anymore, It was WCB case, and asked me to inform WCB. I told him, Physiotherapist did not cure my hand and I was having lot of problems, and my hand did not have enough strength to drive in the snowfilled road, and it is not a WCB case. I asked him to send his dicision in writing as any time i can fight for this in future, and he did that and sent me an email. called my Workplace WCB coordinator andhe said it is not wcb case. I was off and on work few times and couldn't drive full shift for few months. In Jan 2015 I decided to go to CBI physiotherapy centre at TNT mall with my Greenshield benefit and in the meantime Surprisingly TD analyst( I call ANARCHIST) call me and he is now thinking it is still MVA related case, ! WOW TD analyst! You put me out of treatment since sept 2014, and now you are covering for te benefit again! What is in your mind! Tried to get bribe from other party!! And I told you, I don't give up easily, , so you came back on my favour!! And still playing game!! because I am not Caucasian race! or i m not a jewis! or I m not a Christian! ...My next movie is coming soon on you tube or with some News Media! You brought disgrace for TD insurance Company! Also the Therapist of" Life mark Physiotherapist you don't know how to fix injury.

May 7, 2015

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