TD / Employee experience

Having experienced roles across multiple departments - from Wealth Management to Credit Cards to TD Insurance, where focus is on achieving cost efficiencies by:
1. Reducing workforce - laying off over 40 people last year in one department alone
2. Increasing the workload on frontline "colleagues" to unmanageable levels and setting unachievable goals - processing of over 200 claims per claims analyst, which results in severage pay cost avoidance when "colleagues" quit,
3. Freezing compensation and forcing overtime - resulting an increase in number of employees on stress leaves, followed by an increase in long-term disability deductible from paycheques to unprecented levels, currently at over $400 per month, and
4. Minimizing customers' claim payouts to reduce claims costs and improve profitability at the expense of poor customer experience as demonstrated by missing Net Promoter Scores

Mar 07, 2017

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