Tcmg property management / Will not return calls or emails

1 United States

Where to begin my wife and I have a two year old son and live in a condo we own. The neighbor rents from the owner. They play music so loud at night it wakes our child. I have called the police and they state it's a property management issue as the property is listed as apartments. I called the property management group and spoke to our rep who simply tells me to call the police. I have told him via phone and email that the police consider the property an apartment building and the management company has to enforce the rules. The manager will not return my calls or emails. The customer service line will not return my calls or emails. The owner of the company will not return my calls or emails. I had to confront the renters this evening and they were drunk and belligerent. It almost became physical. The renter was drunk and screaming about a dog. Needless to say we are living in hell because the property management group will do nothing. We pay them monthly for nothing. Worst service ever and we are forced to pay or they will put a lean on our property.


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