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1 CT, United States

Ordered a large number of DVDx from CD Mastercopy in Stamford CT through Renee Lonchana in Customer Service. From the start she was difficult to work with - which raised some alarms - but I proceeded with the order. When I received the goods I found that the artwork, condition of DVD packaging were way below acceptable. To the extent where I could not possibly sell them to our customers. Some of the DVDs have even turned out to be BLANK !!! On asking for assistance from Renee - she basically ignored my requests - would not return my calls ... basically slammed the door on me. I have NEVER had such an experience from an individual or Company before. This company CD Mastercopy should NOT BE OPERATING. I will be seeking other avenues to alert potential customers about Renee and CD Mastercopy

Mar 25, 2013

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