SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Illegal distribution of copyrighted materials

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This guy sells homework answers and cheats for $149.99 and up - promises to deliver file electronically within 15 minutes.

I currently work for a company who researches these types of websites and reports them to the appropriate agencies as fraud - but this site especially has caught my attention and left me feeling rather disgusted!

After purchasing the "e-file", it took about 45 minutes for the file download link to be delivered to me. Once it arrived, I tried to download the file. The first issue was I received a "copyright warning" - which I expected - considering this guy sells illegally copied pages of textbooks and instructor manuals. However, after continuing with the download - the file isn't and actual product at all! Once the file opened, it was what looked like a photocopy of weird symbols.

I tried downloading the file several different ways, but all had the same result.

For anyone who is looking to "cheat" on homework (shame on you!!) DO NOT get ripped off by this site.


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