SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Car repair scam

1 United States

Took my car to jerome taylor auto mall dec.02/08 for repair for front end noise, noise came back 1 1/2 days later.took my car back in, few days later the noise came back again.sent an e-mail to the GM-jason taylor, he considered my e-mail threatening, and said he would get his service manager Aaron Oneil involved. 14 trips later to this service dept. and all I got was one excuse after another, of what the problem was, until the last day of the labour warranty, March 2/2009, when I was told they had found the problem, the noise was caused by the rims and nuts, they all had to be replaced, at a cost of over $20000.00 dollars, thats on top of the $1000.00 dollars they had already charged me.when I told them I would take the car somewhere for inspection of rims and nuts, they even charged me for the last day of the labour warranty.they stole $1000.00 from me, my car still isn't fixed, being permanently disabled I really need my car.


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