Taylor MovingDamage During Moving

We moved from Hamilton Ontario to Lexington Kentucky, we paid Taylor Moving over $6000 to move our goods. We also had them package certain large pieces like our television and furniture. They removed the legs off of our couch, wrapped around the perimeter, then shipped the couch and chair on its top. The arms of both pieces were ripped and flattened. We made a claim against Taylor. They sent someone to fix them pieces. The chair was fixed well. The couch was not. There were tears in the arms of the couch from it being slid on its top, and the larger tear is still visible after the fix. We escalated the claim to the claims department, and an unnamed supervisor felt that the couch was fixed. We feel that the couch should look identical to how it did before the move, it does not and so we escalated again, now to Rick Taylor a VP at Taylor moving, and he understands that we are unhappy, but feels they honored their satisfaction guarantee. This is completely unacceptable.

Taylor Moving

Feb 18, 2015

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