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I wish I had looked at some of the compaints before I became a victim of these crooks. I was hit by numerous hidden fees totalling over $400 to have my taxes filed. However, the preparer made a mistake and it was "fixed" all I needed to do was go back in to sign the revised form. Upon arrival, the information I signed was the incorrect information but instead of informing me the preparer did nothing. When I finally called a week later to check the status, I was told by the preparer that I needed to come in yet again to sign additional forms! One week later and my taxes still weren't filed! After speaking with the "Manager" I was told that there was no recourse for this mistake to include the preparer's overlooking the simple courtesy of a call to inform me. I was asked to pick up my information, which I did and I filed elsewhere. DONT GO HERE THEY ARE CROOKS!

Feb 16, 2013
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  • Md
      Apr 14, 2011
    Taxes - Deceptive Business Practices
    Genesis Tax House
    United States

    I came in the get an estimate for my business taxes from Genesis. I was advised that the estimate was to be done for free and that I would know the cost to do my taxes at the point in time that the estimate for the cost of work was completed. At the point that the estimate was completed, I did not want to proceed with Genesis so I sent my business partner down to their office to collect our paperwork and records. At that point I was told that there was a $150 fee for estimating work. This was not disclosed upfront. If it were disclosed upfront I would not have had Genesis do their estimate upfront. Subsequently, the company decided to keep my paperwork hostage until I paid the $150 fee - my business partner informed me of this. I told my partner that this was not disclosed to me upfront. Upon picking up the paperwork Genesis made my partner sign a document receipt form, which said at the bottom "by signing this form you are agreeing to pay the amount of $150. This fee will be waived if it is approved and paid for" In order to get our paperwork, we gave Genesis a check for $150.

    Genesis needs to be investigated because this fee should be fully disclosed to clients upfront. Lack of upfront disclosure is not only a deceptive business practice but unscrupulous as well. I'm sure Genesis has perpetrated this on other consumers -who did not know where/how to find recourse.

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  • De
      Jan 25, 2012
    Taxes - Tax relief
    United States

    All Lies. I.was told that i qualify for a loan.They said at first one thousand dollars, when they done the tax they fell to tell you that they charge 600 dollars .and you will not get the one thousand dollar maybe 50-100 dollars.they tell you that to reel you in.after that when they get you in They say you qualify for another check before your check comes in from irs, that is a lie, they keep putting you off, they tell you so many different dates when your money is goinig to come in but i have not recieved my money to this day.

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