Taxeco Global CompanyFalse claim of a sum of 400.000$

Taxeco Global Company has started a Facebook winners claims promotion. if you answer there promo in time you are a winner of a lump sum of money. I got mine in October of last year. they say if you pay the sum of 450$ you can get you winning claim of 400.000$. I sent them the 450$ as stated by the calls and text that I got. the next morning they told me that I would haft to pay another 1, 300$ to send the money to me and they swear up and down that they are legit. so once again I sent them some more money after they told me that this is the only delay that keeping me from getting my money. I sent them more money for them to call me the next morning and tell me that the IRS is stopping the money from going through and they want me to pay more money. they did this to me 4 to 5 more times and they are still trying to get me to pay more money to get my winning money. now they want another 200$ and there telling me that if I pay this i'll get my money . the first sales rep I came across was Lekan Kennith of Hospital 5 road in Nigeria. and now there's a new sales rep with the name of Femi Benson address 25 Ademo, Sagamu, Nigeria 23401. The management of sales or claims agent goes by the name of James Ronald. they keep telling me that if I send more money. that I will get my money. But it's all one big lie. if you need more info please feel free to call me. I can give you all the info you need. Shegun Nichols [protected]. I have lots of text messages from them from 3 different phone numbers. also pictures and live documents of all the money I sent them

Jan 10, 2017

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