Tax Refund StatusScam

A good one. The 2nd link of the email is where the scam lies. DO NOT Enter you SS#!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Santa Barbara Bank & Trust RAL Department [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 3:16 AM
To: [protected]@COMCAST.NET
Subject: Tax Refund Account Status (RBFN)

Great news! Santa Barbara Bank and Trust has received your refund from the
IRS and your TurboTax Refund Bonus order is on its way. The portion of your
refund designated for Gift Cards has been forwarded to the Gift Card
Fulfillment Center and the balance has been deposited in your designated
bank account. It may take two business days for this deposit to post.

The Gift Card Fulfillment Center is processing your Gift Cards right now.
This usually takes up to ten business days. TurboTax will send you a
shipping confirmation e-mail to let you know they're on the way. Your Gift
Card order will be shipped via FedEx Two-Day delivery and a signature is

You can check the status of your Refund Bonus order using order number
DYR690XYV5C004 via the TurboTax Refund Bonus Help Page at .

Thanks for your participation.

For more information concerning your refund, please log on to our Internet
site at .

You have been assigned the following Client Identification to help protect
your privacy: OLR288447814 Please use this ID on all email with our
customer service department.

For inquiries, please reply to [protected] .

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, a division of Pacific Capital Bank, N.A.


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