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These people are a fraudulent group that acts like a vicious secret society in the sense that they are inaccessible, evasive and non-transparent or in short, unreachable! They offered to build me a website for 9, 000. They tried thru a person by the name Eric to bill 7, 000 to my credit card but fortunately this was over my limit. I told this Eric to wait until I contact my bank to raise my borrowing ceiling. Two days later and before i get an answer from my bank, I discovered that this Eric has charged 4, 000 to my card even before I sign the papers he told me that I have to sign before he can start building the website.

When I got the document to sign by email, I refused it and was careful to do this within 3 days window stated on the bottom of their site ( Although I did not sign any document or recieve any service in return for my 4, 000, they refused to refund this amount. Then started the game of hiding, evasion and neglect even from their secretaries who are apparently cognizant of how this so-called corporation works. Even the people who refered me to MyOnlineEssentials without introducing them to me, started to avoid and not return my calls.

I am still hoping that they prove professional and setup a kind of mediation or conflict resolution but obviously they do not have such responsible mechanisms. I am ready for a law-suit but would like everyone to spread the news about these kinds of ‘organizations’. I can provide more names if anyone wishes. And look forward to mediation from AAA and BBB before I proceed to courts of justice.


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