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Morad tavallali plastic surgeon

Horrifying experience for tummy tucks and breast reduction. After his surgery I was transferred to emergency room. Two days in emergency room with heavy medication to reduce my fever he sent me home with no treatment for infection. After two days I was transferred in Reston hospital and Fairfax hospital, and finally when I was almost dying they transferred me to shock trauma center because I was dying from attack of massive bacteria resulting of punching my colon. Between Dr Tavallali initial surgery and after my body got into shock, in Reston Hospital they took CT scan and it was indicating two holes on my colon. I went under 31 days induced coma, 2 months hospitalized in ICU, one month in Manor rehab care and 5 years of a total 32 surgeries to reconstruct my abdominal wall. It is very hard to prove the harm he did to me. Doctors do not tell the truth against other doctors. Today I owe thousands dollar to Doctors, hospitals, and going under mental and physical treatment. I lost huge portion of my abdominal wall and left section of my body lost massive tissues and muscles. I am a handicap person for the rest of my life. I lost my law suit in court because I was not able to prove the harm he did to me. I was contaminated with necrotizing fasciitis and living with this nightmare for the rest of my life. Dr Morad Tavallali is not a responsible surgeon and human being. I trusted him and I thought he will take care of me in complication and take a responsibility to get into action to save me. He discharged me early from emergency room and did not rule out possible infection.

Jul 25, 2016

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