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Tatiana Restaurant / Stay away

1 United States

It was my best friend's b-day. We made reservations to the brand new restaurant "TATIANA", which by the way happens to be my name as well. All dressed up and looking fabulous we entered the restaurant. Very soon we realized that our table was already given away to the other party (no, we weren't late).After a while we were finally seated at the table that we didn' t select. After placing an order we had to wait for a glass of water for what seemed to take an eternity. Food arrived way before beverage. Then we ordered white wine. In a few minutes waiter arrived asking us what kind of wine we ordered? So we reminded him. He arrived 7 minutes later holding bottle of red wine and started pouring it into 6 huge glasses. Expression on my friend's face was priceless! I looked back at the waiter. At that very moment somehow all 6 huge glasses of wine ended up on my back. I stopped laughing immediately. My brand new dress and everything under it was soaken wet. The waiter started cleaning broken glass off the floor not paying any attention to the condition i was in. My husband froze and then frantically started drying me off with the napkins. Waiter left. No appology of any sort. Restaurant manager approached our table and started explaining that the waiter Is NOT actually a waiter, but a member of the entertainment group(DANCER).Needless to say, I was not ENTERTAINED!
My friend's birthday was ruined, my dress was totally ruined, the evening was ruined.
We will definately stay away from that place!


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