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My History
In 2005 I purchased a new TATA Indica LXi SGM 616 GP from Tata in Pretoria, I had endless hassles with the vehicle, which I tried to resolve with Tata, but all I received were we are not at fault, Some of the issues were:
1. Paint came off on the grill
2. One Electric window did not work.
3. 1 fog light did not work.
I was told that it would be repaired on the first service, I had to fight and I think after the 4th or 5th service this was eventually resolved. I tried Tata Edenvale, Kempton Park, Highlands North, and 2 in Pretoria. After complaining several times I eventually started trusting Tata Hatfield.

In 2007 I traded the Indica for a Brand New Telcoline Turbodiesel Bakkie. I mentioned all the issues I had and I was assured that I would be looked after. What a joke...
In 2009 I was stranded several times because the Fan kept on breaking and after several complaints, Again I was given the run around, Tata fixed the problem, But I had to prove the car was under warranty etc.

To arrive at my current complaint:
My Bakkie broke down and I was hesitant to take it to the dealer as I was afraid of the poor service I have been receiving up until now. I need my Bakkie, and I eventually had the Bakkie towed to Tata Highlands North, and I spoke to Wesley (The Service Manager) and explained to him about my history with Tata and the appalling service I have received from them. He assured me that they will fix the car and take care of me as a client.
After paying Almost R7000.00 for the car to be fixed, I get it back and I was only able to complete 708km before the car broke down. Not only did I have a major oil leak, but all my diesel leaked out the car and I was stranded AGAIN on the highway. I was there for around 6 hours before I was towed home. I have absolutely no faith in TATA South Africa, and every time I liaise with Schalk Lubbe from TATA customer care, I end up feeling like a criminal for daring to complain. I now even have a new problem which was not there before the car went in. The starter motor is faulty, and Tata want to charge me R6000.00 for a new one, or R3000.00 to fix, whereas a 2nd hand one costs R850.00. I asked them to explain this, but they are saying they will not repair, and I must pay.

All I want is my vehicle serviced, and returned to me in full working order. This is impossible to achieve with any TATA dealer as well as with Accordion Investments. What must I do to get this resolved?

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