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TATA Motors - Passenger Car / TATA Indigo XL Classic

1 India Review updated:

However much I liked to avoid this mail (to Ramesh Jaggi of Wasan Morots), my grievances continued to blow up exponentially with every conversation with your colleagues. Hence, I am forced to keep you informed on mental agony I am undergoing, ever since I purchased a new vehicle from your Chembur show room. Following are the events, which pushed me to this position. Please spare few minutes and try to go through this extended mail.

1. I purchased a TATA Indigo XL Classic from your Chembur show room on January 28, 2008, as per my wish;
2. Since the delivery was made very late in the evening, which was beyond anybody’s control, I could not check the vehicle completely;
3. However, with the trust created on me on your Company by my fellow colleagues, I drove the vehicle;
While driving to my house, the vehicle stopped intermittently thrice in western express highway.
4. However, I managed to drive to my home on the first day;
5. On February 7, 2008, when I took the vehicle again, the same issue continued;
6. When your Chembur office was contacted, they advised me to bring the vehicle to Govandi work shop. I did so. The vehicle was delivered back certifying that the issue was rectified;
7. Unfortunately, the same issue continued till February 14, 2008;
8. On February 15, 2008, when I drove back to home, the vehicle stopped near Airport and I was caught in the midst of acute traffic;
9. Fortunately, with the help of Traffic Police, I could tow my vehicle to my house;
10. On calling your 24 Hours Help Line, they advised me to call Kandivali office, which is nearer to my house at Gokuldham, Goregaon (E);
11. One mechanic landed in one hour. He checked for half an hour and told that he has to bring a Laptop to check further;
12. In another two hours, he came back with a Laptop. What a wonderful maintenance at Wasan Motors!!! The software loaded in the Laptop failed to respond;
13. At this point, my BP spurt and I called Abhijit Rajendran to filter out my agony. He told he would help by talking to Mr. Shetty of Wasan at Kandivali;
14. Finally we managed to drive the vehicle to Kandivali work shop. I got back the vehicle on the next day evening, saying that some electrical circuit got rectified. Since then the vehicle seems to be running at least without stopping on the road;
15. I got my vehicle first serviced at Kandivali work shop on February 23, 2008.

Now coming to pains and agony –

Point 4 – I got fixed a reverse horn at the time of taking delivery, which was working at that time. Surprisingly, the new horn retired within few hours on reaching my home. During my first service at Kandivali, I pointed out this. But they informed that the horn should be attended only by the same person who fixed it. When the policy permits to service the vehicle across India, whether horn is influenced by a separate policy?

Point 4 – The left side front window glass is not fitting correctly in its grove when rolled up. It goes crossly. We have to adjust with hands to make it sit correctly;

Point 6 – I was surprised on quality your Govandi work shop. How they could certify my vehicle as OK when it was not rectified completely? Whether this is a just eye-wash? If you are frankly convinced that Wasan Motors is discharged of its services to customer on delivering the vehicle on mere acknowledgement, I accept your version?

Point 12 – If the quality of testing Laptop itself is maintained at this level, some cross-word puzzle passes through my mind on quality of service rendered to vehicles?

Point 14 – When the electrical circuit issue could be identified by Kandivali work shop, how this got missed from your Govandi work shop, because of which I had to suffer for a longer period? I would like to understand whether any Quality Check would be conducted either by TATA or Wasan, before delivery of any vehicle to customers. Had it been done, the issue would have been identified and resolved. Or whether this shows the quality of Quality Control Team? When I posted this question to the General Manager at your Chembur office - with all due respects to his age and experience - I was shocked to get the response. He informed in crystal clear terms that no quality check happens at Wasan. Also, he was confident that all new vehicles will invariably have some issues. So only, company is providing warranty which is free of cost. The way in which he conveyed is that Warranty provided by Vendors is to save their skin and in no way it helps customers. I never expected or even dreamt of this from TATA, my true lover from the age of my elementary school;

Point 15 – During my first service at Kandivali, they have attended only minor issues I have told, apart from your routine jobs. Nobody is bothered to do a general up check of the vehicle, even doors and windows. The window glass issue explained in Point 4 above, is not observed by either of your work shops. Still I am living with poor quality of window glass in a new car. I think that customers are wrong in expecting more quality stuff in free services.

Please do not consider the above lines as complaints, but as aggrieved voice of a customer who unfortunately had trust on TATA and relied on Wasan. If you kindly step into my shoes, I am doubly sure you can understand the pain and stress of heart attack a customer would undergo twice within two weeks’ of treatment.

Since I could not get the mail id of Mr. Abhijit Rajendran, I am faxing this mail to him, as a piece of information about their product.

Though I don’t expect any superior thing to happen after this mail, I would like to have peaceful drive at least in days to come.

I feel sorry to use some strong words, which came out spontaneously due to pain in my heart.

K. Ramakrishnan

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  • Ka
      30th of May, 2009
    0 Votes



    1. sir,


    during my 1000 kms service, i have observed that the engine oil is leaking through the head gasket, timimg cover side and back side of the engine

    that time i mentioned the complaint on the service advisor, he told to me that the problem due to the less torque of the engine head bolts, so they tightened it,

    then again my 10, 000kms i again shown the complaint, the replay was same

    then again the 20, 000km the oil leaking was high and also the oil coming from engine block, they given the same replay

    on 29/5/09 i visited the rf motors alappuzha service centre with my vehicle and show the leaking areas of the engine to the service manager, he told to me that the engine should be refitted with new gaskets and seals

    my all service has done from rf mototrs alappuzha

    so i never accept the statement, because my vehicle is just one year not completed the 30, 000kms that time the engine overhauling is not possible

    so pl give me a favourable solution

    i attached the photos of the complaints, also i registered the complaints on the rf motors site on feb 26th (alappuzha )

    no replay from there

    pl give me the replay through my mail id -above mentioned



  • Su
      8th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i purchase a tata indico xl car in 2008 janvaury when car ran 25000 the clutchplates prestro plate and baring were not run when i drive race of car is over iam customer of metromotors yamunagar the dealer of
    yamunagar not responce me they tell me give payment my car is in worrenty i am having worrenty card also what iam doing now my car no is hro2s 4005 my name is surender kumar iam owner of this car

  • Su
      8th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    surender kumar
    shahi libas@
    1 sir
    i have purchase tata indico xl car metromotor yamunagar my car is not working properly clutch plates not doing properly work so that time i mentioned the complaint advisor they tell me problem in car diseal filter so then i service my car but problem is not solve when my car is going on longroute they heatup when my car is going on long route
    the car over race also so pleace give me faurable solution

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