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Tata Motors Ltd, / Cheating of Rs. 40000/- in sales deal

1 India

Ref. Car - TATA INDIGO CS GLS (Petrol), Date: 31/10/2009; Chassis No. MAT6016319WK37472; Engine No. 475S156KQZP99244.

I booked the above mentioned car at Srinathji Motors Pvt. Ltd., 20/10A Shahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, U.P., on October 13, 2009 and subsequently took the delivery of the car on November 2, 2009. In this process, after regular follow up and request I am not being provided a proper bill Itemised Bill) for the purchase of the car. Following are the discrepancies in the bills:

Total Amount Paid = Rs. 410757.00 (Receipts of the payment os provided without stsing the particulars)

i. Rs. 70000.00 Through Credit Card
ii. Rs. 1300.00 Cash
iii. Rs. 3257.00 Cash
iv. Rs. 3, 36, 200.00 Loan from HDFC

Over and above I paid Rs. 1500.00 for facilitation of Vehicle registration with RTO.

But the bills that are provided to me by the Dealer are as under:

Total Bills = Rs. 398640.00

i. Retail Invoice = Rs. 373792.00 (Grand Total after all discounts and Taxes)
ii. Insurance Policy = Rs. 10022.00
iii. Extended Warranty = Rs. 5050.00
iv. RTO Registration = Rs. 9776.00

The Difference Amount = Rs. 410757.00 - Rs. 398640.00
= Rs 12117.00

The complaint is regarding the following

1. Why the proper bill of the amount paid is not being provided by your dealer and there is a difference of Rs 12117.00.

2. At the time of booking the car I was promised RTO Registration, Insurance and Basic Kit Free and also a Corporate Discount of Rs. 3500/- and Cash Discount of Rs. 3000/- . why all these discounts do not reflect in the bill.

I spoke to customer care over phone and was advised to contact the gurgaon office.
After speakeing to the Gurgaon office i was directed to Mr. Gaurav Vyas who looks after the concerned distributor. He asked me to send the detals and promiced to resolve the matter.

I have been continuously writting to him marking a cc to Costomer Care but not receiving any response. Datewie Detailsof communication from my side is as follows:

1. Jan 8, 2010 2:14 PM
2. Jan 15, 2010 at 4:01 PM
3. Jan 31, 2010 at 9:52 PM

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