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Tata Indica Xeta GLS / Defective/Sub-standard Product

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Dear Sir,

I booked a TATA Indica Xeta GLG with Malwa Motors, Kundli, Sonipat, Haryana on 12th of October (My Birthday and the First Navratra ). I requested the Dealer to give me the delivery of the Car during Navratras being Auspicious Days, he told me that he will give me the Delivery by 15 th of October (Third Navratra) and asked me to pay Rs. 15000/- (Copy of the invoice attached alongwith) as Booking Amount. On 15th of October when I went to take the Delivery of Car he further demanded Rs. 30000/- (Copy of the invoice attached alongwith) which I paid and promised to give me the delivery of the Car on 19 th of October since the Car which was booked earlier for delivery on 15th of October had already been sold by the Malwa Motors, Panipat, but the dealer failed to give me the delivery even on the last day of Navratras. So my purpose for which I booked the Car was not served hence I requested to refund me Rs. 45000/- already paid by me. After strong persuasions and negotiation the dealer asked me to come on 26 th of October to collect the cheque.

However, on 26th of October, 2007 I telephonically informed the dealer that though during the auspicious days of Navratras Xeta GLG was not delivered to me, I am still interested to buy a Car from him and asked him to deliver me Xeta GLS White if available and am not interested to take the refund taking into consideration the reputation of the company. The dealer asked me to come in the afternoon of the same day to take the delivery. I reached the dealer point at around 1:00 PM and paid the remaining amount to the dealer by cheque in full and final payment [inclusive of insurance + temporary number and veichle registration (R/C) charges] + extended warranty charges. The delivery of the car was given to me at 7:30 PM on the same day. At the time of taking the delivery I found that the Car had already run 160 kms . when I asked the dealer to give me in writing that car had already run 160 kms the dealer refused to do so. Your goodself would appreciate that though the delivery of Xeta GLG already booked by me was not given during the Auspicious days of Navratras, yet keeping in mind the reputation of the TATA group in the market I preferred to buy the vehicle from TATA Motors along with the extended warranty at extra cost.

But I am sorry to inform you that from the very first day of taking the delivery of the Car it started giving me troubles. There was problem of leakage of Power Steering oil and Ignition Switch malfunctioning (the power supply of car not getting disconnected after turning the ignition switch into off position and even after taking the KEY out of the ignition switch and this problem persists till date ). I contacted the dealer on the phone and explained him the problem . He asked me to come to dealer point. I took the car to the dealer point where after checking the car dealer told me that he has changed the oil pipe of the power steering column which was leaking and also has rectified the ignition switch problem. But to my dismay while coming back to home I noticed hardness in the steering wheel while driving the car, on opening the bonnet I was surprised to notice that the power steering oil level was very low which should have been filled in at the time of rectifying the fault at the dealer's end. This was the 4 th day of the car with me. On contacting the dealer again about the oil level I was advised to either bring the car to the dealer point or purchase the oil (Castrol TQ) from the market and fill it up yourself. Since the dealer point is 50 kms to and fro journey it would have cost me Rs. 150/- and also wastage of time I preffered to purchase the oil myself and filled it up.

Since I was interested for CNG installation in my car I enquired the dealer about the same. I was told by the dealer that if I get CNG installed from the market (3 rd party) then he will cancel the warranty of my car and if I got CNG installed thru him only then the my warranty of my car won't be cancelled. Hence I had no option but to get the CNG installed through the dealer for which I was required to pay Rs. 46000/-. I may mention here that the market price of installation of installing CNG is Rs. 35000/- as against Rs. 46000/- I was asked to pay. On 13 th of November I took the car to the dealer for CNG installation & paid him Rs. 46000/- (Copy of invoice & job card attached alongwith).

After installation of the CNG the car was returned to me on 16th of November but still my R/C papers were not given to me . The next day after installation of CNG the car started to give me starting problem in the morning and the car did not start despite giving repetitive Self's and when it started the engine started missing for the initial 10 to 15 minutes and thereafter it ran smoothly and when engine crossed the 2000 rpm mark the car switched to CNG mode. Thereafter whenever the car is stopped and ignition switched off and then restarted the same problem occurs again. When running In CNG mode whenever & wherever the brakes are applied the car engine stalls and the car stops in the middle off the road. On 22 nd of November the car was taken to the dealer for the rectification of above said problems and for 1st service (Copy of the jobcard attached alongwith). But the above said problems still persisted, on 28 th of November I took the car again to the dealer (Copy of the jobcard attached alongwith). On 1st of December the car was delivered to me and the above problems were said to have been rectified. But all in vain. On 6 th of December the car was again taken back to the dealer point for the same above said problems (Copy of the jobcard attached alongwith). I may mention here that the dealer point is at a 50 kms to and fro journey from my home, I had to spend Rs. 150/- for every visit as fuel costs during my each and every visit to the dealer and also wastage of my time. The car remains with him everytime for three to four days which hinders my jobwork as well.

On 10th of December my car all of a sudden stopped while applying brakes in the middle of heavy traffic at Delhi by-pass and some vehicle hit my car from behind, speed being slow I was saved. On 11 th of December 2007 while applying brakes in the congested area at Geeta Bhawan, Sonipat City the car suddenly stopped and did not start for 15 minutes. The whole traffic was jammed and there were hot exchanges between me and the other vehicle owners from behind. Police had to intervene. Since then I am not driving the car under the fear of any kind of mishappenings because of the above said problems and car is parked in my house. It is also mentioned that the Regular Registration (R/C) Papers have not been given to me till date for which payment was paid to the dealer at time of taking delivery of the car on 26 th of October, 2007.

Under the above state of affairs which I have been facing for the last one and a half month from the very date of taking delivery of the car it is clear that a defective/substandard Car has been delivered to me. Your goodself would appreciate that I have been under mental tension/harassment for one and a half month and do not want to remain under harrasment further more. Hence I am not ready to get my car which was purchased only one and a half month earlier repaired at this stage now. Hence you are requested kindly to issue necessary instructions to the dealer to take the car back and replace it with a New Indica Xeta GLS model. I would rather like to get the delivery of replaced new car from some other dealer in Delhi since I have lost faith upon the present dealer at Kundli, Sonipat now, his behavior being non- cooperative. The particulars of the car and the dealer are given below:


CHASIS No. : 600631KSZPE8943

ENGINE No. : 475SI56KSZPE6974


MALWA AUTOMOBILES Pvt. Ltd., Passenger Car Dealer, NH- 31, K. M. Stone, G. T. Road, Kundli, Sonipat.

Haryana. PIN- 131001

Selling Dealer Code: 07750

I am sure that you will take a serious view of the above problems to maintain the high reputation of your esteemed organization. I shall appreciate acknowledgement about receipt of above mail at your end & the action taken by you on the above . If possible , kindly inform your contact nos. / mobile no. to enable me to explain the problem to you telephonically.

Looking forward to receive your positive feedback at the earliest

Warm Regards

Manoj Hasija

269, Sector 15, Sonipat, Haryana.

PIN- 131001

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  • To
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I too own an Indica Xeta GLS, I am happy that I settled for this car. I am afraid that the above instances are the wrong doings of the Dealers rather than the Company - TATA. I am of the opinion that TATA should immediately cancel the dealerships of the referred dealers and also initiate further stringent action against all unscrupulous dealers. My experience with RF Motors, Cochin and Hyson Motors, Trichur has been very good.

    Indica Xeta-GLS has given me good times and am enjoying every bit of it.

  • Ma
      13th of Sep, 2008
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  • Sa
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    We have indica GLS model 2006, but milage of the car is very low i.e appx. 6-7 KM/per ltr.

    Sanjay Tiwari

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