Tata Docomo Prepaid Serviceunfriendly behavior of franchisee

I am from Valsad, a city in Gujarat.This is a complaint regarding a Tata Docomo outlet situated on Station Road, Valsad,

I am using multiple phones/sim cards, one of Tata Docomo and one of Airtel. I have been a customer of Tata Docomo since last 3 years but it seems that they lack basic sense of how to handle a customer's request and . They were literally having no standards and not even educated I feel. Worst was that they were mannerless and lacking any discipline. I went to the franchisee to know various deals of the schemes available for the call charges. When I asked the receptionist, she was so busy with her phone that she didnt even talk to me properly and gave me a page which listed the packs which as handwritten. When I asked the difference in 2 packs which had similar configuration, she showed such an attitude that was impossible for anyone to bear. I felt humiliated. And after I asked gently once again, she said 'Bol to dia, kitni baar bolu'. The arrogance was over limit.I asked about the head of the office. She didnt replied. I had to shout at her then. I told to recharge my phone as I didnt wanted to create a scene. I come from a well educated family. These people attending customers looked like they came from some slums. Atleast their attituide was like that only.

This is to inform Tata Docomo's authorities that if you cant hire proper well educated people to attend the customers, please dont hire people at all. I am sure you guys have customers who are well educated and come from a reputed family. This was one of my worst experience. All these are just big names lacking commonsense of how to deal with a customer or show respect. After I left the shop unsatisfied, the girl and her colleague were laughing then inside. I might also populate the forums and other places where I can share views.

If I talk about Valsad area, in contrast to Tata Docomo, I have always been satisfied by the service provided by Airtel people. They are well behaved, dressed in uniforms and disciplined. Looking forward to make a number portability if nothing else.

Jan 22, 2015

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