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I purchased a sheltie puppy on a Saturday, with what I thought was dog food matted in her fur around her ears. I took her to our family vet two days later (on Monday) and she actually had Sarcoptic Mange. Vet took a scraping and I saw the little bugs! Vet said that almost certainly every littermate and momma had it as well. I call breeder Monday night to discuss payment of our vet bill for this and the fact that she needed to treat the other dogs. After some resistance, she agreed to send the money, but denied that she had any problems. 3 weeks later, no $$. We paid $500. I don't expect we will ever see the money, but hopefully someone will see this and be wary of buying a dog from Tasso Farms. BTW, our puppy is much better. Her doggy friends do make fun of her because the tips of her ears are still bald.

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  • He
      Jul 23, 2011

    Geeze - you should NOT have bought from them - should have been a no brainer.

    The Yorkies hair/skin looks bad. Did not look at the rest of website; that is all I needed to see to know these people are out of their minds.

    There are some reputable breeders who do it RIGHT and do have more than a few puppies a year to sell. Not many though.

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  • He
      Jul 23, 2011

    Geeze - look at the past puppies, they sell more breeds than what they advertise. Also - the second link is connected to MS Puppy Connection who also equals Jung Pung (some thing like that), lux pups and more.

    Those Shi's look a LOT alike. Go look Zachy Poo - humor me please.

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  • Jo
      Oct 12, 2011

    Everyone BEWARE OF THIS BREEDER. I got a sheltie puppy from Tasso farms one week ago. I took her to the vet the next morning after getting her, she was diagnosed with Kennel Cough. A couple of days later (today) I took her back to the vet due to her excessive itching and the vet told me that she has Sarcoptic Mange.

    I had a chance to see inside the kennel house when I picked up my dog, by that time I had already payed a non reundable $200.00 deposit on her so I decided to take my chances. The conditions were heart wrenching. A lot of the dogs were losing a mild to severe amount of fur. The breeders name is Mary Burns. She seems like a nice lady but here health is depleting and the dogs are suffering because of that. She needs to be shut down or needs to pay better attention to the dogs.

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  • Ch
      Oct 12, 2011

    Josh, I responded to your request for contact but the email was rejected. Be prepared for people to berate you for being stupid. I was. Rather than being supportive and helpful most people here like to rub it in because we aren't informed purchasers. I called the Tn dept of agriculture, dept of animal welfare. 877-403-7350. Talked to the head guy. They are aware of the problem there. You need to contact them. I was informed that they keep a record of complaints. Not sure why this lady is still allowed to breed dogs. To all of you other folks. I don't need you to tell me I made a mistake. I was simply trying to help people like Josh from making the same one I did.

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  • Jo
      Oct 12, 2011

    try my email. [protected]

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  • Fl
      Jun 02, 2012

    I am truly sorry Mary is having these problems. I bought my Sheltie from Mary in 2007 and has never had any problems health or registration. Mary sent me the paperwork and I got the pedigree with no problems. Cooper has been healthy from Day one. I am sorry to hear of your problems but my experience was completely different and I would vouch for Mary today. I am really sorry she is having these issues I really thought very highly of Mary. My dogs picture was one of the puppies on her web site. Too bad.

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  • De
      Sep 12, 2012

    NEVER buy from this breeder! I have NEVER had a worse experience in my life!!!

    I was searching for a female, red, smooth-haired dachshund puppy and was having no luck locally. I found Mary's web-site and was willing to drive the 4 hours (one way) to get our puppy. Her web-site said the puppies were raised in the home and were cared for by a Vet they had used for over 20 years. And the pictures were just so cute.

    I arrived to find tons of puppies in cages, lined up and on top of each other, in a building by the barn (basically a puppy mill). The puppy I had chosen on her web-site had a lot of hair loss. Mary explained this was from "changing the detergent" she washed their blankets in. Because that litter did not look too healthy, I chose to take a little boy from another litter. He did not have as much hair loss-just a little. I fell in love with him! So sweet! And couldn't wait to get him out of those living conditions!!!

    I picked him up and took him home on Friday, July 1rst of 2011. He started having vomiting and diarrhea Saturday night/Sunday morning. He became very lethargic and would not eat or drink. Because that Monday was the 4th of July, I could not get him to the Vet until Tuesday morning.

    My Vet examined him and told me Dexter had Parvo (which by the incubation period proves he had it when I got him-Mary tried to say he got it after), sarcoptic mange, a staph infection all over his belly, and was infested with tape worms. My Vet was FURIOUS! He said "This is the most unhealthy puppy I have ever seen, and you can quote me on that".

    I got scabies from Dexter's sarcoptic mange after holding him on my stomach and chest, and my cats started itching and scratched the blood out of themselves. It was just horrible. Of course, this type of mange is species specific, so they die off after about 72 hours, but I was miserable and had to get treated with Permethrin cream-twice!

    Doc kept Dexter from that Tuesday until he died on Sunday. He tried everything to save him, but he was just too sick. My Vet bill was $364 (which is a lot less than it would have been with anyone else).

    I called Mary to let her know that Dexter was sick and at the Vet's office with Parvo. I then called and let her know when he died. I told her I wanted my money I had paid for the puppy-plus the money for the Vet bill. She told me she "usually reimburses either the cost of the puppy or the Vet bill".

    So, let me get this straight...I drive 8 hours to buy what I thought was going to be a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder, pay $300 for the puppy and $364 trying to save his life, and you are only going to reimburse me for one or the other? The way I see it, either way, I am out $300 for a puppy that didn't even live.

    I gave her the number and address of my Vet to set up payment arrangements for the bill. She NEVER sent him any money and his office would have to call me asking for payment.

    After threatening her for SEVERAL months in order to get my money, she only sent enough to pay the Vet bill-and I didn't even get that until March of 2012. She has never sent the other $300 for the cost of the puppy (which she had reluctantly agreed to do after I threatened to take her to small claims court).

    So basically-I lost $300, plus the cost of all the supplies I had bought for the puppy, the cost of the gas it took to go there and get him, and the cost of the cream I I had to buy for my scabies. I should still sue her, or at least do my best to make sure she is put out of business.

    What a horrible person! I cannot believe she is still in business. And if those puppies were AKC registered, instead of CKC, she would be. I would make sure of it. So Mary, if you are reading this, you can bet I have not forgotten this. I will spread the word as often as I can. I may even call your local newspaper or TV stations to make sure they get the word out.

    All I know is you should have reimbursed me for the total cost of the puppy and the Vet bill. I will make sure I get my $300 from you, one way or the other. You are just a horrible, cruel person who has no business even being around animals!

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  • Jf
      Mar 05, 2013

    I have a 4 year old mini doxie that I purchased from Tasso Farms. I drove to Cleveland, TN from the lower part of SC..close to Savannah, GA--A LONG DRIVE but well worth it to get the puppy I was told I was getting. When I arrived, the puppy was not at all what I was told. I was told she was AKC and she was not, she was CKC, I was told her dew claws were removed, they were not, I was told her parents were each less than 10 lbs, they were not. I had already given her a deposit and driven for hours and my young son was standing there holding the puppy. I gave her the rest of the money, took the puppy and ran (and cried all the way home). I have considered her a rescue since I picked her up. She had ear mites, worms, and a vaginal infection. This is a puppy mill!

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  • Ra
      Jun 07, 2013

    I bought my bulldog, Sadie from Mary at Tasso farms when I lived in Cookeville. She told me the same story about changing the detergent in the sheets was the problem with her skin disorder. My pup couldn't even hear me for weeks because her ear infection had spread onto her skin. I would talk to her and she would never look at me and after taking her to the vet, she started to look at me. They kept her in a play pen for babies so I wasn't mad at that and they washed her. They play with the dogs and make them sweet. Wow, Sadie is the sweetest bulldog I've ever known but her brother's eye was scratched by one of the pups. Anyway, I had a good experience though Sadie has a little ear infection that spread. Good round nostrils too-no snorting or snoring

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  • Br
      Jan 24, 2014

    We too bought a westie from mary. Yes! all animals were living in a horrible smell of poop and pee . I saved one. Mary had told me that she would have to get papers. NO LUCK!! She doesnt have the right to have any of the animals. Mine was full of worms. after 2000.00 later BAXTER is doing well.You are an animal abuser.

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  • Na
      May 20, 2014

    I got my English bulldog from Mary and I could not be happier. I when in the house where she had her and her brother in a play pen. The house was well kept and didn't even smell of animals. On of the little girls brought me Miracle and she was beautiful and healthy. I took her to the vet and they said she looked great. I got her in Jan of 2013 and at her last vet visit they said she was the best looking bulldog they have seen in a long time. She has been the best dog ever. I plan on taking her back to marry for stud services this year. I am sorry to hear about the other incidence but I truly that Mary for my bulldog .

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