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Tasha Sutherland / loss baggages

1 Canada

Westjet is one of the most, if not the MOST incompetent airline in this business. I was delayed from my flight VOL 516 on December 29, 2017 from 11:30 pm Kelowna flight to Toronto, causing me to miss my 7:30am connection to Jamaica. I was added to a new connection VOL 2702 that leaves 9:15 am on December 30, 2017. After being delayed until 1:30am on Dec. 29, 2017, the aircraft did not pull out until 2:40 am. I arrived in Toronto @ 9:20 am and attended the check-in gate, checked on the flight and then rudely removed and sent away with no explanation from the agent at the gate. After going to the customer service desk I was told I was bumped off the flight because my bags weren't on it, and I can't fly internationally without my luggages... therefore being subjected to wait on flight VOL 2660 that leaves at 1:55pm. Tired from from lack and of sleep and being on my period I waited patiently only to arrive in Jamaica without any of my luggages. To make matters worse, westjet could only confirm that I had checked one bag and I knew very well that I checked 2 bags... while seeking to sort out this matter of one bag showing to be non existent, it was realized that Westjet in their height of incompetence checked one of my bags to a complete stranger on the said flight. After speaking with the lady who was also at the counter as her baggages and everyone else who was on the flight from Kelowna going to Jamaica did not have their luggages, she confirmed that she checked only 1 bag, yet I had her bag stub on my boarding pass. Not having any clothes to change, no underwears to shower and change off in having been bleeding and not able to shower in over 24 hrs. I was now being told westjet can't say where my bags are, or when I will get them. I had to now get underwears, go to a store and got myself 2 outfits and slippers with money I didn't have.

I have been traumatized from this experience to say the least and I will be pushing this issue as far as it needs to go until I am properly compensated.

Tasha Sutherland

Dec 31, 2017

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