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I was contacted via e-mail on Sunday, August 16th by a Dr. Richard Doherty from the Tasc Software
Company a division of Gomobile Ireland.

He offered me a part time job as a Financial Coordinator which sounded like something realistic.

On Tuesday, August 18th, I received two MoneyGrams issued by Abertson. Each gram was in the sum of
Eight Hundred Seventy ($870.00) Dollars representing a total of One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty
($1, 740.00) Dollars.

I was directed to cash them and wire the money to a Collins Walter, 2 Jumeirah Road, Dubal, United Arab Emirate. I cashed Money Grams @ Bank of America, Sudbury, Massachusetts Branch. and wired the money which totaled One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty-six ($1, 526.00) Dollars.

Today I received six (6) Money Grams totalling the sum of Four Thousand Three Hundred Fifty
($4, 350.00) Dollars. Because I had an apointment in Framingham, Massachusetts I went to the
Bank of America located in Framingham. The teller suggested that she call Albertson to verifty that the
money is there. I agreed and encourage her to do so.

The outcome of this nightmare is that the drafts have already been cashed. The instructions I received for
today was to send One Thousand Nine Hundred ($1, 900.00) Dollars to Greg Milson, 2 Jumeirah Road, Sharjah, Dubal, United Arab Emirate and to a Collins Walter at the same address.

All the Money Grams came from the State of New Jersey; Elaine Buick, 30 Erre Street, Jersey City, New
Jersey 07302 and Elaine Baulerson, 12 W Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410.

I have the supporting documents for all of the above events.

I am wonder why the teller at the Sudbury Branch did not suggest that Albertson be called. I have no
prior experience with MoneyGrams; never purchased or cashed a MoneyGram.

All of the above was reported to Scott at the Sudbury Branch of Bank of America.

Thank you for your cooperation and courtesy concerning this matter.

Susan M. Pitchel
10 Merrill Drive
Framingham, Massachusetts [protected]



  • While I am entirely sympathetic to Susan and others like her, please spare a moment to consider the unjustified and unfair impact that such a scam has on and who are a totally innocent small company in Ireland who happen to share the same name.

    Along comes a scam artist who attempts to assume a fake identity and claims to be a non-existent employee of a small company in Ireland which just happens to have a very similar name and profile. The scam then offers a major position as a 'Financial Coordinator' within a small company without ever even calling that key person in for an interview?

    Next, money begins to arrive from nowhere with further instructions to traffic the money onwards and not once during this entire process does the poor cul-able innocent think to ask themselves any searching questions about what is really going on here? and instead propergates the scam on wards as the scam continues gathers more and more victims in the chain.

    Keep in mind that the incentive part timer is usually a party to a fast buck in the form of a percentage (skimming off the top) of the take which is normally being offered to the person who now becomes a party to the entire scam, all be it unaware of the fact.

    Because the company who share the same name as the one used by the scam artist ... the company has contacted the Police in order to try to protect the innocent from being scammed ... aside from pointing the blame towards a totally innocent party like the small Irish company concerned, as is the case by the above complaint ...

    We must wonder what did Susan do next once she had finished posting the above mislead and ill focused complaint ?

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