Tarrytown MarinaOvercharged


This Marina is located below the Southern side of the Tappan Zee bridge I only have a 6.5 gal tank. I pulled up to their pumps to top off before heading towards Manhattan. They said they first need my credit card before I can pump gas. I can under stand that cause a big boat can just leave without paying. What "they don't tell you" is that they are putting a $250 hold on your card.

So on the trip back I pulled in again (stupid me) and filled up for $18.

They next day I look at my bank account and see $500 pending. And my balance is now about $980 with an outstanding check floating out there for $925 plus my restaurant tabs over the holiday weekend.

So I called the marina to rant and spoke to a clueless girl at the marina who answered the phone and she said this is commonplace for them to put a hold on your account for $250 for each fill up. And it should come off in 24-48 hours. I asked her in the mean time, since my balance is down to zero because you just stole $500 out of my account without notifying me . . . who is going to pay for any bounced checks that this might cause me? And who can I speak to about this?

She said it's owned by a conglomerate that owns 15 marinas, so there is no one to complain to.

All they had to do was say if you are going to use a debit or a credit card we put a $250 hold on your account.

If they had the courtesy of saying that I would have just handed them the cash!

I know Motels pull this all the time, so they can protect themselves from any room damage.

But a $500 hold on two 6.5 gallon fill ups is total [censored] and this should be against the law to do without prior notification.

Clearly what this marina is doing is picking up a 2 day float on your money for any sucker that buys gas from them and uses a credit or debit card.

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