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Instead of flowers this year (2011), I decided to purchase some computer gear for my mom. I ordered 2 products from the website. They sent a confirmation email. I noticed that the shipping address had errors in it. This is where the fun begins. I called Targus to let them know that the shipping address had typos. They said I had to call Digital River because they handled that end of it. I called Digital River and they said that I had to call Targus. So I went round and round with this for way too long. FInally I got someone at Targus to tell me that the shipping address was correct, their shipping notification was wrong. I thought the problem was solved. Targus then sent a shipment confirmation email. They sent it UPS. I tracked it and to my surprise, it was undeliverable because the address was wrong. The mistakes on the address was different than what they original showed with the order confirmation email. I called Targus which told me to contact Digital River which told me to contact Targus. The only thing one had to do was to go online with their UPS ID and change 2 digits and the problem would have been solved. It would have taken a minute to do it, but no one at either company cared about customer service. I remember years ago when the term "made in Japan" meant it was cheaply built. Unfortunately, "made is the USA" has taken its spot. And we wonder why we don't have any jobs. It is because we don't care about the ones we have. You have been warned, Targus and Digital River are aweful companies to deal with.


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  • Ta
      May 09, 2011

    Dear Customer,
    I manage the Targus online business and am incredibly embarrassed with how you were treated and very happy that this was brought to my attention. If you can contact us online at, I look forward to making this right.

    Targus Web

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  • Ti
      May 28, 2011

    I brought a mini fan from Targus last year but, they sent me a cable that was not able to pluge into the fan. I try to call the customer service but never mangage to get someone to help me until my warranty expires. I felt bad for throwing away the fan since everything is brand new.

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