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1 Houston, AK, United States
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I was at the self checkout registery at target (8500 main st houstan tx) on saturday 24th of june around 7 pm, while paying via card a note on the screen appeared asking if I would like cash back? I did not understand since im a visitor here in the us, so I kindly asked for help from the employee who was helping customers at the self checkout section called "lakesha", she came, read the message with a loud voice and yelled at me saying do you want cash back as if I dont know how to read, I told here I read it yet I dont know what is meant by that. She kept repeating the same sentence shouting and making a scene! And she rolled her eyes to other costumers mumbling things about my question. She was the perfect employee when dealing with other customers except me for no apparent reason except maybe racism?

I dont appreciate this type of treatment, discrimination and disrespect!! I was more than polite to her and she simply disregarded my need of help because i'm a visitor/arab, which is rude and unprofessional.

I trust you will take this seriously and try and solve her behavioral issues toward specific customers she randomly decide they are not worthy of her help.


Jun 24, 2017

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