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In Dec 2007, about a week after Christmas, I went to Target to buy an Animated Penguin for my yard for the following Christmas. I did this because it was 50% off with it being an after Christmas clearance sale.. All Christmas items and decorations were 50% off. The box was completly sealed with packing tape and didn't look anything out of the ordinary. Because it was factory sealed or so I assumed, when I got it home, I stored it up in my attic unopened till this Christmas. When we took it out of the box, the penguin was missing it's head. I was very upset and went to Target to see what could be done. I was told that Target has a strict 90 day return policy. I explained that it was sealed and bought after xmas last year and I didn't know of the defect till this Christmas. I was told there was nothing that could be done. I was not offered any type of exchange, store credit or gift card. Nothing. It was not my fault that it was missing its head. My husband got so mad, he threw it in the dumpster when we got home. After all the years shopping at Target, this is what I get. No customer satisfaction, no effort to make it right. I have shared my bad ordeal with others so that they may beware of Targets bad policy and non attempt to make right of a bad situation. I used to love Target, now I will make it my very last resort to shop at and that's if I'm desparate.

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  • Mi
      Sep 02, 2009

    Dear Target
    My name is Michael Chapman
    Recently i oredered several shirts from Target by mail..When they arrived some were damaged or cut like some factory defect..I wasn't happy..I am disabled and i order clothing online alot of times..I had never been dissapointed with Target products and love what they offer in so many cattergorys..I don't want a refund..I don't want to return or replace the damaged goods..I just will never order online from Target company in the future..I'm the type of personality that dosn't want the hassle of returning things ..I expected to recieve what i saw when i ordered the products..I just thought Target should know..And yes i will continue shopping at your store..But will not order anything online..So that limits how often i will be shopping..And i had to post my complaint here sence there is no way to reach Target otherwise..And no i will not wait on the phone for hours while you find every way to get out of sending shoddy products
    Thanks for listening
    Michael chapman

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