Target 2284 / service in store

1 Fort Smith, AR, United States

I am complaining not only as a vendor but as a shopper. This store is very rude & i have boycotted since it arrived. I am among many that have experienced terrible rudeness . Not only are they terrible to shop but to work in is horrible. Complaining to management doesnt help but make it worse. Ive worked for multiple companies in this location and they expect you to work for free. I had one company have to explain my frequency each time i was there bc they didnt have the man power to put out their own products & when i wouldnt they asked me to be replaced and banned from all target work. I reluctantly took on more work in this location knowing how bad they were only to have petty complaints sent about me each visit when store refuses to assist. I was told today by an employee she would loose her job if she helped me. Its places like this that give Target a bad reputation. I was told i was no longer welcome as a vendor or a customer in this location and asked to leave the store immediately. All bc. I was rude to an employee that was rudde & hateful to me first about location of my product & it wasnt where he claimed it to be which he admitted later.

Sep 14, 2017

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